Customer Retention Map

It’s tempting to always look for new customers. 
But the competition is high and advertising costs are rising. 

Constant growth means optimizing customer acquisition & orchestrating customer retention.

Get this free tool for your eCommerce to understand the four pillars of customer retention and the scenarios that you can start to use right away.

You can’t grow if you don’t know

Uncover your hidden gems by analyzing the eCommerce Customer Retention Map.




You have to understand WHO you are talking to and to take advantage of the data that you have around your customers. Customer segmentation is vital


The traffic channels, the real life channels, the steps in your eCommerce funnel and how they are inter-connected so that you mix them properly.

The right moment and the right context are dramatically important. Understand the context and the events when you should take action so that you retain your most important customers.

The right mix of: offer, product, messages, incentives and special treatments that you should use in order to form a habit. 

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By downloading this free resource you accept the fact that you are a data-driven marketer willing to stop wasting time, money and resources by focusing on acquisition only! 

Cristi Movila, eCommerce manager, Otter

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