Adapt by Omniconvert – an eventful conference

One day of Adapt – a story to remember

October 29th, 2019 will be a day to remember for all e-commerce specialists out there. Adapt by Omniconvert had its results brought to light, accompanied by a large crowd of experts in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, and analysis. As soon as our CEO, Valentin Radu, uttered the first words of Adapt, our newest product became the talk of the day.

A busy schedule

Our agenda was clearly full. Some of Europe’s most renowned speakers from leading companies have gathered their best insights and presented some amazing topics such as machine learning, the future of e-commerce, multichannel and cognitive biases.

E-commerce growth and networking

There was a lot of coffee involved but well deserved (and delicious). The networking part was definitely the one that revealed the sheer interest people had in this new and enigmatic product. A Conversion Rate Optimization Machine Learning Algorithm using +500 Data points to deploy +500 new experiments every 4 hours – pure e-commerce growth gold.

Growth on autopilot was on everybody’s minds. Everyone at the event had the opportunity to hear the latest updates on the best technologies in e-commerce, directly from the source.

A few insights from the conference

You are probably already familiar with Adapt and what it does, so how about we step into some of our speakers’ valuable presentations on some fascinating topics?

Coming from ExpertSender, Dominik Krześlak talked about “Machine learning for multichannel”. His main topic was related to automated email services, something that his company provides very well. The most interesting part was his example of “Ricardo’s latteria”, where he made a point about customer loyalty and how important it is to be so good as a brand, that your customers would almost be “ashamed” to leave you. Clever, isn’t it?

Renata Rocha from Linx made an interesting statement in her presentation about “E-commerce personalization with machine learning”: the search bar is of greater importance in a website’s conversion rate than you think. Did you know that the autocomplete function can exponentially increase your conversion rate? Moreover, a solution from Linx can create automated banners according to the user’s preferences, buying history, the city from which they access the website, the moment in the day of the shopping session and more.

Michał Pasieka, Chief Data Scientist at 360e-com, talked about “Machine Learning as a support tool for eCommerce”, where he provided a short, but proper, definition of machine learning as “a subset of Artificial Intelligence”. Backed up by the company’s CEO, Krzysztof Łada, he managed to highlight the positive impact AI will have on e-commerce and how the negative effects can only appear when not properly implemented by humans.

Cosmin Marinescu, from Lummetry.AI, presented some fresh perspectives on the checkout information, from which you can gain quite some valuable insights about the present and the future of your business.

Burc Tanir, CEO of Prisync, gave an impressive speech about intermediates, the human touch, emphasizing their significant role due to their collaboration with several brands and their ability to provide the best in marketplaces or in supermarkets.

There were different opinions on this topic, however, such that Cristi Movilă, Country Manager at VTEX, believes that the current intermediates might become producers or distributors and create their own brands, whereas Marius Pătrașcu, CEO at Evomag, puts more value on the price, which could result in the disappearance of intermediates altogether.

The Omniconvert team of speakers has made quite an impression on the public with their great presentation on subjects such as the influence of conversions in e-commerce, the identification of data anomalies, cognitive biases in machine learning experiments and, of course, the technology behind Adapt by Omniconvert and how it will change the face of e-commerce as we know it.

Our CEO, Valentin Radu, together with Maria Caciur, Head of Managed Services, Matei Lungu, Head of Data, and Sorin Dumitrescu, CTO at Omniconvert, have managed to create the perfect atmosphere for technology and development discussions, everything wrapped up with the machine learning algorithm that Adapt provides.

To be continued

E-commerce growth revolution has begun and together we are part of it. Thank you for participating in our Machine Learning for e-commerce Growth event!

Stay tuned for more events to come! And product updates.

PS: You can check our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for on-site pictures, filled with smiles and an amazing atmosphere.


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