Before using this javascript client API, you must be sure that you have already included the general tracking code.


You’ll receive all of the visitor information collected by Omniconvert. The API method will return a javascript object.



You’ll receive the ID of each experiment and variation that has been triggered for current pageviews. The API method will return a javascript object; otherwise, it will return false.


Apply experiment

With this method, you’re forcing the visitor to be included in a particular experiment or in an experiment triggered by a particular variation. If you use this method, all of the experiment settings (segmentation, frequency, etc) will be discarded. As a parameter, you can use an experiment ID or a combination of experiment ID and variation ID. If you choose to only use an experiment ID, the variation will be chosen randomly. You can find these IDs in the app’s dashboard, on the experiment page.



This method will display a history of all the activities made with Omniconvert, in console.log. It shows you why an experiment is not triggered.