When people talk about values, they talk about their ideal behavior that they would like to embrace in the hardest moments of their lives.

Values represent anchors that help us remember who we want to become. They take us back on the right road.

In business, like in life, you can get distracted. The desire to get more money and more fame can replace goals like being wise or grateful.

What inspired me to write this post was a message that we received on social media a while ago.

Question via Facebook

Omniconvert was built to contribute to making the world better and empowering people to live a “fulfilled” life.

We think that organizations that create gambling websites and adult content, encourage bad habits.

  • Gambling – it’s just another way of encouraging people to waste their lives by installing bad habits. These habits are ruining their chances to give a purpose to their time and money.
  • Politics – we don’t think that the current system is giving any chance to valuable people. Politics is shifting our attention to a ridiculous show. 
  • Adult content – consuming adult content on a constant basis can destroy the most beautiful value: love. Putting pleasure and sex above love is a habit that we wouldn’t like to promote.

We talked about what we don’t like and accept. These are our limits. Now let me introduce you to the world we live in.

I will present you Omniconvert’s ten core values and how we act on them every day.

1. Development

What we are today is far from our true potential. We can always be more than we are right now, and the self-motivation helps us become better day by day. To see how aligned our Omniconverts are with this value, we ask them to answer some important questions like:




Elena Dobre

“I’ve been working at Omniconvert for two years, but it feels like I’ve been working for myself. Not only that I developed skills for my professional life, but I have also learned how to be a better version of myself.”

Elena Dobre, Content Marketing Manager

2. Empathy

Can you stand in someone else’s shoes and really understand his struggle? We cannot outsource the care for our colleagues. We are the only ones capable of listening and caring.


Empathy Questions


3. Integrity

Success can and will come and go. But integrity is forever.

This value has a lot to do with the fact that we don’t accept gambling, adult content and politics websites. Even though these sites have a lot of traffic and we could earn a lot of money by helping them optimize their websites, integrity is what keeps us focused on what we want to become.

How can we express integrity at the office?




4. Joy

The Little Prince said that happiness comes from achieving things every day and also creating new things.




5. Synergy

If we are together, we can achieve more than if we are separate. We should embrace each other’s stories, perspectives, and approaches.




6. Gratitude

I believe that we, humans, already have all that we need. The rest is just a bonus that we have received. Being grateful that we are healthy and that we have friends, family and clients is the oxygen for our hearts.




7. Creativity

Putting our imagination to work cannot create something else than extraordinary results in our lives and in our company too. We know that we cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s thinking.




8. Focus

Our energy flows where our attention goes. From the small details to the big picture, we constantly focus on what really matters. First things first.




9. Innovation

We don’t want to leave the world as we’ve found it, but to bring the future into the present in our product, company, and relationships.




Sorin Enache “It’s the best place to put your skills at work and learn a lot about new marketing technologies, interact with people from all over the world and have friends for life.”

Sorin Enache, Head of Onboarding & Support

10. Proactivity

We don’t wait for things to happen because they won’t happen. We must prepare for the future and always focus on the solution, not on the problem.




These ten values will help us accomplish our mission. We want to transform Omniconvert into the preferred conversion optimization software that helps medium sized businesses all over the world. We will achieve our mission by delivering an outstanding technology at a fair price.