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2 ways to respect the “Under promise, over deliver” principle online

Probably one of the greatest methods to build excellent relationships with your customers, old as the trade is, “under promise, over deliver” is a principle that e-commerce doesn’t cover very well yet.

There are hotels that, are offering to their new customers a bottle of wine (or just water, since “the crisis” occurred), or other extra-services / pleasant experiences (a welcome note written in the visitors’ native language).

But what if you could apply this principle online, as well? In the following minutes, you’ll  find out how!


1. Don’t show all your cards just yet
In the jungle of the e-commerce, momentum is everything. So, if you are planning to optimize your traffic, consider these way of convincing your visitors to convert:

If you are already testing your message efficiency on the product-list page, respect! But, you can do more than that. Let’s say you’ve already considered giving these goodies in order to convert more:
– Incentivize with an extra-item for high-priced products (remember good-old Paretto, yes?)
– Limited stock available (only 3 rooms left –
– Next-time purchase vouchers

What if you could use these incentives in a different way, so that becomes just the last-small drop that makes them buy?

You can build an MVT test these solution in this way:

Control version – 70% of the amount of traffic (product-list with all the incetives)Treatment 1 version – 15% of the ammount of traffic (product list with incentive1 and shopping cart page with incentive 2)

Treatment 2 version: 15% of the amount of traffic – all the incentives in the shopping cart page
Of course, besides these incentives, you can test localized testimonials and other personalized message, in order to get the most out of it.
The abandonment-rate is around 60% worldwide (varying because of different niches). Just a 10% adjustment can lead to great results for your website.

What these action can lead to?
– lower abandonment rate
– bigger conversion rate & higher revenues

2. Add more in the box
So, a girl decided to buy something online and that thing is a great dress. And she is impatient to open the box, but in the way to get her great new dress, she finds out that prepared a scarf in the box. Is that girl willing to return the favor next time and be more open to buy again?

What these actions can lead to?
– higher AOV of the next purchase
– bigger lifetime value of the customers
– decrease the period between acquisitions

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