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23 Things Any CRO Specialist Can Relate To + New: Bonus stories

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Even though conversion rate optimization is an increasing solution to grow an online business, not everyone is aware of its techniques and what are the tasks of a CRO Specialist. After doing some research, I created a list of situations that every CRO Specialist can relate to:

#1 When a client wants you to stop an A/B Test after one day because it shows 65% conversion rate improvement:

CRO Specialist


#2 When the control beats the variation, but the client asks to implement the variation:

CRO Specialist


#3 When your experiment has 89% statistical significance:

CRO Specialist


#4 When your experiment has 95% statistical significance:



#5 When you’re ready to launch your experiment, but the client changes the website’s design:



#6 When your boss completely destroys your testing hypothesis:



#7 When a client wants to create an experiment on a page with no visitors:



#8 When a client wants to start a huge CRO plan NOW:



#9 When you come up with tons of experiments ideas, but the client wants more:


#10 When you create a great experiment, based on data analysis, but the client says “it’s not what I had in mind”:


#11 When you have to explain the importance of Google Analytics again:


#12 When clients ask you “Can’t you test faster?”:


#13 When lack of creativity strikes and you can’t find any new testing ideas:


#14 When a client doesn’t want to implement any successful experiments:

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#15 When you look up the #cro hashtag and you find information about Croatia:


#16 When you send a mock-up and the client asks “Why is there no background?”:


#17 When you send a testing experiment and the client permanently implements the change on their website, without testing it first:


#18 When an experiment has 20% increase on Friday and on Monday is 20% less:


#19 When you go off for the weekend and the clients call you to urgently modify the experiment:


#20 When you tell your mother, father, friends and family that you’re a CRO Specialist and they’re like:



#21 When your client is at the 10th round of changes on the experiments they want to do:



#22 When a client has a low traffic website but still wants to test only 10% of it:


#23 When someone wants to make 20 tests in the first month:


#24 When a client wants to test small changes (such as another shade of blue on a button):


Feel free to pitch in some more situations you’ve encountered so far in your job as a CRO specialist and post your stories in the comment sections.

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New stories

#25 When you run 5 inconclusive tests in a row and the client is feeling nervous


#26 When you launch a new experiment and you just stare at the screen waiting for the results


New stories from top CRO experts around the world 

Stories shared with us by Talia Wolf 

#27 When your client says his <someone insignificant> told them to make a certain change because they “know” it will work


#28 When your client says: I read in a blog post that changing <random insignificant elements> can increase conversions by 3000%

#29 When your client wants to make a change because their competitor is doing it

#30 When you spend all the time coming up with a new variation based on data and research and the client says “that doesn’t fit in our brand guidelines”

6 Replies to 23 Things Any CRO Specialist Can Relate To + New: Bonus stories

  1. When you run five inconclusive tests in a row and the client’s feeling nervous. But! Because you’ve designed the experiments to generate insights about the customer, the sixth sprint shows a massive revenue lift and validates the insights. Yay!

  2. So true and fun as you say it !

    #17 When you send a testing experiment and the client permanently implements the change on their website, without testing it first.

    Oh Gosh, frustration when it happens !

    Our value as consultants is kinda lost, if the client doesn’t realize the green line with an X % uplift…

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