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eCommerce in 2018: grow-or-die – 49 Growth ideas ebook

The conversion rate optimization is even more important for e-commerce businesses than any other online business because it helps them make the most out of the traffic they already have instead of spending large budgets on customer acquisition.

Below you will find 49 growth ideas from 19 awesome e-commerce experts for growing your business in 2018. Want to find out even more? Download our e-book to catch up with the ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​latest trends from the e-commerce industry worldwide.

First, Elle Morgan, Head of Partnership at Woopra, shared with us three tips on how you can leverage data that reflects the unique experiences of your customers to increase your conversion rate and optimize the overall experience.


  1. Create a process through which you can understand your audience at an individual level in order to be able to offer support and ensure customer happiness​​​​​​​.
  2. Monitor customer health, distinguish between healthy and at-risk customers, and define a process through which you can stay connected with those who are happy and re-engage those who might need your attention.
  3. You have the power to set the next step your customers will take – use it! Use direct links in your transactional email campaigns!

Chloe Thomas, Founder of the E-Commerce MasterPlan Podcast, has given advice on how you can improve your ROI and keep your audience coming back for more.

     4. If possible, consider expanding into the B2B e-commerce sector.

     5. Funnel your customers through multiple marketing interactions to improve the ROI of your marketing budget.

     6. Use welcome email campaigns to connect with your audience and keep them coming back.

Talia Wolf, Founder and Chief Optimizer at GetUplift, is very serious when it comes to optimization. Here is her advice:

7. Write high-converting product descriptions by adding information on how your products will positively impact your customer’s life.

  8. After a purchase, encourage your customers to tell you more about themselves so you can learn about why they purchased from you, how you can make them come back and how you can attract new customers with similar emotional drivers, concerns and hesitations.

  9. Optimize your product pages by: using high-quality product images, providing relevant information and featuring even negative reviews.

Want to differentiate yourself from your competition? Michal Leszczynski, Content Marketing Manager at GetResponse, tells you how you can achieve that:

     10. Differentiate yourself from your competition and help your customers discover more of your products by pointing them towards completely different product categories.

     11. Mix and match traditional marketing channels (like email marketing) with new marketing channels (like social media).

Valentin Radu, CEO Omniconvert, enjoys analyzing customer behavior, so his advice is centered around your customers.

12. Determine your buyer personas and create personalized customer journeys for each.

 13. Make customer retention a top priority.

Going back to basics and changing the mindset within your business is what Paul Rouke, Founder and CEO PRWD, recommends you to do.

     14. Make sure you are offering the best user experience possible.

     15. Truly become customer centric by investing in understanding the voice of the customer at different stages of the user experience.

     16. Mature your business strategy by continuously improving the four pillars of conversion optimization: strategy & culture, tools & technology, people & skills and process & methodology.

Keeping your customers engaged and happy is important for a healthy business. Here’s Jakub Sadowski’s, Brand Evangelist at GetResponse, advice:

     17. Seek co-promotion opportunities and combine partner communication channels to maximize exposure.

     18. Measure customer satisfaction through collecting reviews and immediately address issues.

One way you can be one step ahead of your competition is by implementing the latest tech trends, says Guy English, CRO & Analytics Director at McCann Connected, so…

     19. Include influencer marketing in your promotion strategy.

     20. Implement tech trends like chatbots, voice assistants, mobile payments, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

     21. Stop making assumptions and use data to determine your next move.

Another tech trend you can implement right now is crypto payments – Mara Gavrilescu, CRO Expert at Omniconvert.

     22. Embrace the rise of the crypto coins payment method.

     23. Design for the next generation.

Because every e-commerce business out there is using e-mails, your users’ inboxes are cluttered and the open rates very low. Derric Haynie, CEO at Vulpine Interactive, recommends that you should…

24. Include chatbots in your communication strategy.


Cristian Ignat, Chief Canopyst at Canopy, thinks that clearly differentiating yourself from your competition will really help you grow your e-commerce business.

     25. Use storytelling to grow your business: people remember stories for a long time and they like to share the best ones with their friends and family.

     26. Differentiate yourself from the competition through authenticity to develop your brand image.

Automation and diversification are two key strategies for growing businesses, says Duncan Jones, Head of CRO at Webprofits.

     27. Automate your newsletters to scale your ROI.

     28. Optimize your internal search engine by implementing an auto-complete feature and machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

     29. Use multiple marketing channels and make sure that your revenue is equally distributed through those channels.

Personalised advertising and partnerships with influencers should not miss from any business’ strategy, says Ewa Stachowiak, Senior Growth Manager at SentiOne.

     30. Build a reputation and grow your subscriber list by creating quality content.

     31. Make sure the data you collect is accurate, define the behaviors that lead to conversions, segment your audience accordingly and focus on sending the right message.

     32. Use data to determine the right influencers for your business.

Alexa Lemzy, Customer Support & Content Manager at TextMagic, recommends that you focus on customer experience even more and take advantage of SMS and live chats.

     33. Go mobile: implement SMS marketing campaigns.

     34. Engage with your customers through live chat, but make sure to not distract them from making a purchase.

     35. Scale personalization and nurture customer loyalty.

You can’t improve something if you don’t know how or if it’s working, so Vlad Diaconu, Founder & Senior Consultant at, recommends you to keep an eye on every aspect of your business.

     36. Monitor and control your business with real time reporting systems.

     37. Implement the concept of IT mirroring: dissolve the classical IT department and assign a technical person for each management role in your company.

     38. Streamline your processes and only focus on your core business.

     39. Improve your brand’s and your products’ reputation by offering impeccable services both before and after purchase.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to take a step back and and analyze what really differentiates yourself from your competition and make those differentiators stand out – Peter Boyle, Founder at

     40. Don’t focus too much on numbers: take a step back and look at the big picture, try to understand what your customers really want, or let them tell you themselves.

     41. Generate engagement by using the most effective channel and the right type of content for your brand.

     42. Crush your competition by standing out: build a strong brand image, create unique copywriting and use unusual graphics and images.

Johann Van Tonder, COO at AWA Digital, insists on data, both understanding it and leveraging it.

     43. Grow your business by increasing the number of clients, your average order value and your repurchase rate.

     44. Make better sense of your data through well-crafted personas.

     45. When dealing with a wide assortment of products, it’s important to determine your bestsellers, but it’s also important to determine any changes in the number of bestsellers.

Customer retention is also an important aspect to consider when you are trying to grow your business, as there are only so many new customers that you can attract – Sam Mallikarjunan, Executive Strategist at Hubspot.

46. Focus on building a relationship with your clients.

Last but not least, Michael Stricker, Digital Marketing Consultant at MSDesign, recommends two more tech trends that you should follow: voice assistants and chatbots.

47. Be at your customers disposal through voice digital assistants.

48. Secure websites drive more sales.

49. Be fast: your customers expect immediate responses.

That’s it folks! Hope these 49 growth ideas will help you reach your 2018 goals. If you want to find out more insights, ideas, and experiments, don’t forget to download our e-book.

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