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5 Tips to Boost Conversions on the Cart Page

The cart page is the place where a customer has already decided to buy from you. He chose a product that is beneficial for him and now he is ready to enter the checkout process in order to pay for it. This being said, you notice how critical is the Cart Page for an ecommerce website.

What can you do in order to optimize your cart page and increase sales?

1. Keep it simple

Too many options on the cart page will confuse your customers. You should know that they are on a path or road when they are shopping online. If you don’t respect the fact that this path should be as simple as you can design it, your customers will get lost on their way.

Take for example this cart page from Zapos; if you’re paying attention to details, you should observe that there are just a few options for a customer who finds himself in this place. In the case, the customer can continue the shopping or proceed to the checkout process.

Cart Page ideas

2. Testimonials

Adding testimonials or smiling faces will personalize your cart page. The customer will be more likely to convert if he sees that other person was satisfied with his purchase. A social proof like this is telling your potential customer that the product he is about to buy is the right one for him. You can cover with a testimonial not only the benefits of a product, but emphasize other competitive advantages that you have: free shipping, free delivery, great returns policy etc.

3. Markers that grow your customer’s confidence in your website

Security of users’ provided data on a page is crucial. Your customer has to fill in forms, to give away personal data concerning his credit card. If you don’t assure him that he is safe during his experience on the website, more specifically in the checkout process that is about to start after adding products in the shopping cart.

Security on Cart Page
Photo source: ModCloth

Take a look at another example of marker from Zapos:

Security on Cart Page

4. Insert a countdown

Limited offers that are available only for a short period of time will pressure you customers to make the purchase. Rarity of goods influence one person to take action. If you remind him that he has only a few seconds, minutes, hours to get your offer, he will not lose time to search to the competitors; moreover he will not lose time getting out of your page and website.

5. Make an USP on your own

Do emphasize what are the benefits of the product that a customer added in his shopping cart. Don’t be cold, but creative and honest with your USP(Unique Selling proposition). Give insights about the fashion industry if is about a clothing item, tell a story of the product if it has the background…as diverse is your portfolio of products, as more opportunities for you to use your imagination.  You can use the USP on the product page or on the cat page. Here is another example from ModCloth:

USP cart page conversions


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