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5 Tips to Convert More on Accessories Websites

Car drivers, like any other consumer on Earth, have their own expectations concerning their online purchase. If you are an accessories website owner, your should know that your target may be:

Accessories Website optimisation

  • a driver whose car suffered a small injury and needs just a piece replacement
  • a do-it-yourself car owner
  • a car repairman
  • a car fanatic

What can you do to get more conversions from your accessories Website?

1.Be emphatic

Put yourself in a driver’s mind. He is upset that his car is broken and truly wants to find what he is looking for. When he arrives on your website, he expects to solve his problem as quickly as possible with minimum efforts. You may imagine how furious is an online visitor whose car is broken. In order to avoid his furry, make him feel comfortable on your website. Keep your homepage simply to be visualized and well organized by clear sections, filters, categories.

2.Run an usability test

Accessories Website usability

Is your website functional and fast? Make sure that your engine allows online users to search by multiple criteria: brand, model or code. Usability Testing is a method that allows you to test how easy is your website or application to use. Usability tests developers create a scenario where they include a list of tasks that an user is expected to complete when landing on a website. Observing testers’ interaction with your website will give you valuable insights.

3.Safety markers


Make sure your return policy is flexible. Display it on product pages, on cart pages and always make sure that your customers see it. This is just a step to win customers confidence, but if you skip it, customers and new visitors will not even be interested in your offer.

4.Social poof

Prove to your customers that you provide high-quality products and services. Insert a section of reviews, testimonials and other social proofs that will allow any visitor to verify how trustworthy you are. You should implement social proof both on the product page and the cart page.

Parts&Accesories Websites

5.New visitors do matter!

Say welcome! At their first interaction with your website, new visitors will be more likely to engage in the future if you are wisely using the principle of sympathy.

Parts&Accesories Websites

Welcome and exit screens can be easily done with online platforms like Omniconvert. This tool can address personalized messages based on advanced segmentation.


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