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A/B Testing optimization best practices

Through A/B optimization you can test in real time the effects of a design or content change on conversion rates. By using this technique you can propose to visitor two slightly different versions of a webpage and see which one converts better.

A/B optimization is a great tool for those who understand that in online marketing you cannot have the right answer without proper analysis and testing. Testing the changes you want to make to a website is a great way to save money and time. By split testing or A/B Testing optimizations you first determine the results and then make the actual changes in the website’s code.

How to test with A/B optimization

First of all you have to figure out what you need to test and on which pages to apply the test. For example, you’re offering a white paper for download and you get traffic to the download page, but you think that not enough visitors are actually downloading the document. In this case you have to make a list of on page factors that are causing a low conversion rate. It could be the placement of the white paper icon; it could be the color of the download button, or the text that calls to action. Then narrow your list to the most important factors. Create through A/B optimization a new version of the page and see if the changes generate a higher conversion rate. It’s important to run variations of the same page in the same context. Both page versions must be tested at the same time, so that seasonality doesn’t impact your test.

What to test with A/B optimization

You can use AB optimizations to test how the appearance of your website influences conversion rates but also to see which marketing tactics are most suitable and give better results. A/B optimization for design and copywriting There are many on page elements that can be tested and improved. You can change:

  • headlines
  • product description
  • buttons
  • text style and tone
  • images of products or images of landing pages
  • entire layout of site

A/B optimization for marketing approaches Through A/B tests you can see if you’re proposing the right promotion or you should improve it. You can change:

  • Prices
  • Offers: buy something get a free sample, free shipment, 30% off

With Omniconvert, you can step-up on A/B Testing, by using variables and personalize the experience of the visitor. You can use variables such as:{CITY} – Ex: Customers from {CITY} gaved our website a rate of 9,45/10. So, you can become more familiar with your customer. If the visitor is from London, he gets testimonials from London, and so on. {KEYWORD} – Ex: “Looking for {KEYWORD}? Here are all the products> In this way, instead of directing your customer to homepage, you can direct him to a particular URL, where you have all the products that are interesting for him. AB optimization can be used to improve conversion rate in a particular situation. But it’s best used for long term marketing objectives. Things move rapidly in the online environment and to keep up with the consumers’ perception you have to improve your site constantly.


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