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All You Need To Know About Attending International Ecommerce Day 2016

How do you make online shoppers choose your eCommerce website over the many others out there on the market?

Also, how do you keep them engaged and get them coming in month after month?

It’s difficult to give a valid answer to these two questions.

Today’s eCommerce market is very dynamic, highly competitive and dependent on every change in the technology market.

It’s the best time to lead as an online retailer, but also a time that can destroy your business.

You need clarity, knowledge and a sharp eye that can spot the opportunities. International Ecommerce Day is the place where you can get all of these.

International Ecommerce Day 2016 is the online conference where eCommerce marketers, managers, and entrepreneurs gather to get better at what they do. If you attend eComm Day, you will get knowledge about the hottest topics in the eCommerce industry from 15+ international speakers. Also, you will learn how to improve your website to embrace the opportunities that appear on the market with success.

The conference will begin at 11 AM EDT/ 8 AM PDT/ 3 PM BST on the 12th of May, and it’s taking place live, on two stages.

Stage 1



Chris Goward, CEO at WiderFunnel



In the opening keynote, Chris Goward and thought-leader in optimization, will show you why the future of eCommerce belongs to optimizers. He will show you the top ways to optimize the online shoppers’ experience and also give you frameworks and processes to improve your optimization program.



Talia Wolf, CEO at Banana Splash



Talia Wolf will continue with tips and tricks on how to optimize your website for mobile traffic. She will show you how to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop visitors and what tools and metrics to use to identify the needs of your mobile visitors.



Grzegorz Blazewick, CEO&Co-founder at SALESmanago



In the same context, Grzegorz Blazewick will show you how the mobile revolution changes marketing automation for eCommerce websites. Grzegorz will show you the difference between “www” and mobile and how to adapt your communication to the new standards.



Kevin Chung, Ecommerce Strategic Alliances at FedEx Services



Kevin Chung will show you how to prepare your business for this year’s holiday season. He will introduce you to the world of seasonal campaigns and will show you what it takes to get ahead in 2016.



Sunir Shah, Chief Marketer Olarker at Olark



Then, Sunir Shah will talk about customer support integrated with success in the sales process can help eCommerce businesses unlock more sales. Sunir will show you why the two teams, Support and Sales, are so different and how they should work together.



Brian Massey, CEO at ConversionSciences



Brian Massey will show you what are the best ways to optimize your landing pages. In his session, you will learn how to build persuasive landing pages and how to optimize them to get the most from your marketing campaigns.



Anthony Baksys, CEO of SearchNode



Next, Anthony Baksys will approach a hot topic for eCommerce companies: customer retention. Anthony will show you why using social media and e-newsletters is not enough to remain profitable in the eCommerce market. He will provide with real-world examples from eCommerce sites and actionable to-do tasks for his session’s attendees.



Mustafa F. Ahmed, lecturer eCommerce and digital at KFUPM and CEO at Ascend



Mustafa F. Ahmed will show you how to choose the platform for your eCommerce store and how to conduct the research before launching your website.

Stage 2



Viljo Vabrit, Managing Partner at ConversionXL



On the second stage, Viljo Vabrit will begin with “A Bulletproof Roadmap To Boost Your Online Sales”. His presentation will focus on the research process required to optimize your website. You will learn how to perform technical analysis to identify under-performing devices, browsers, and pages, how to conduct heuristic analysis and other research methods that are mandatory for a successful optimization program.



Burc Tanir, CEO at Prisync



Then, Burc Tanir will get into the art and science of pricing your products online. Burc will do a live comparative analysis of cost-based pricing and manufactured suggested retail pricing and will show you what consumer-orientated pricing and market-orientated pricing are all about.



Kunle Campbell, Advisor & Ecommerce Growth Consultant at 2X eCommerce



To build a reputation online, you need to listen to this session by Kunle Campbell who is ready to show you how he helped eCommerce brands acquire 20 to 50 high-quality links over the course of a 4 weeks campaign. Also, he will show you how to develop branded content for your eCommerce brand and how to leverage gamification to drive backlinks and increase authority for your website.



Dr. Dave Chaffey, CEO of Smart Insights



Dr. Dave Chaffey will give us an overview of the marketing technology tools available on the market. In the context of having a huge number of free and low-cost tools at your disposal, Dave will show you how to prioritize which tools are the most important and how to develop a process to improve your business using these tools.



Rich Page, Founder of Rich Page Website Optimizer



Rich Page will show you the biggest mistakes that eCommerce websites often make and how to remedy these issues to convert more of your traffic to customers.



Keith Hagen, Direct Of Conversion Services at InFlow



Keith Hagen will show you why conversion optimization for eCommerce businesses is a continuous process. He will let you take a look at the behind scenes of conversion optimization, and show you what are the hidden gems in the optimization process. if you attend his session, you will get out of box ideas to optimize your eCommerce website.



Meg Lister, Sr. Conversion Optimization Specialist at WordStream



Meg Lister will show you how to borrow conversion optimization strategies from the B2B market. You have the chance to learn her best B2B conversion optimization strategies, including scoring your customer’s “readiness to buy”, engaging in a multi-touch, longer sales cycle, and value-driven purchase decisions.



Pamela Hazelton, Ecommerce and business consultant



Pamela Hazelton will show you crucial elements to boost conversion on your eCommerce website. Pamela got the insights into what works and what doesn’t work after analyzing the successes and failures of many eCommerce businesses through the years.

Sponsors and Media Partners

International Ecommerce Day 2016 is supported by SALESmanago, the main sponsor of the event.

SALESmanago is a marketing automation platform for online stores and B2C companies covering email marketing, contact management and lead scoring, mobile marketing automation and other key features.

As media partners, Olark, Website Magazine, and spread the word about eComm Day 2016. They helped the conference be seen by all the marketers and entrepreneurs who want to get better at what they do.

Olark provides a solution that allows companies to talk to their customers via live chat. By revealing who’s on your website and exactly what the visitors are doing, Olark helps you engage with your visitors and assist them in the buying process.

Website Magazine is an online publication dedicated to having success with your website. A few of their most popular channels include eCommerce, web development & design, mobile, analytics, and email. is the internet’s smartest marketing community and an online hub where marketers meet to get better at what they do. For International Ecommerce Day 2016, is hosting an Ask Us Anything session on their website to sustain the event.

Don’t forget to register at International Ecommerce Day. It’s free to attend, but there are only three days left!

Register NOW at International Ecommerce Day 2016!

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