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Announcing the CRO SALES Meet-up Bucharest

We’re happy to announce our latest event: The Conversion Rate Optimization SALES Meet-up. This meet-up is dedicated to all the sales people that want to learn how to get more international sales  in a professional networking atmosphere.

Who’s our main host? 

Yousuf Khatib, International Business Development Director @Omniconvert, will give a presentation about the how to attract clients from the international market using research, creativity and persuasion as main ingredients in the sales receipe. Yousuf has an impressive background in this area: with 4 years of experience in an IT start-up, he has recruited and trained more than 600 people in the insurance industry in Canada. He has traveled the world and now he will share his knowledge with us.

From this meet-up will get fresh and innovative ideas about:

  • how to get more international sales in the SaaS industry, for agency clients and IT services;
  • how to sell face to face in Europe;
  • how to improve your persuasion skills;
  • how to successfully approach prospecting clients and how to get more international leads;
  • how to write persuasive emails and messages;


Tuesday, 22nd September, 7pm


Tech Hub Bucharest

Attend the event! Bring out your friends and collegues to an exciting CRO Sales Meet-up Bucharest with Omniconvert 🙂


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