We were a team with a mission and some questions.

  • Are eCommerce professionals worried about what next year has in store for their business?
  • If they feel they’re about to get a ton of clients for Black Friday, what do they do with them when the dust settles?
  • What do the experts have to say about what happened and will happen around the world from a business perspective?

The 2020 Fall Edition of the eCommerce Growth Summit answered all these questions and many more! This free online event exceeded our expectations and the number of insights we gathered from it is above and beyond. After all, the eCommerce Growth Summit is the only Customer Value Optimization conference in the world! 

On the 12th & 13th of November 2020, 23 amazing speakers and industry veterans brought to the spotlight practical eCommerce strategies from Customer Retention, Customer Experience, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO & Paid Advertising and eCommerce Industry Insights.

As well as…

  • The latest eCommerce insights & trends;
  • The stories of merchants that have defied the odds of success during this pandemic;
  • Amazing tool creators that will help merchants thrive this last quarter of 2020 and have an amazing start for the year to come!

With over 4000 attendees, hands-on sessions lead by our extraordinary speakers and supported by our wonderful colleagues and hosts, Juliana Jackson and Horatiu Mitu, with 16 exclusive offers from our speakers and 15 incredibly supporting partners, we conclude that this event was an eCommerce growth strategy success.

Many thanks again to our partners (EcommerceTech, Ecommerce News, Business 2 Community, Gorgias, Referral Candy, Growth Marketing Conference, E-Commerce Day, Firepush, TinyIMGPixelied, Cartloop, Growave, Bean Ninjas, Happy Cog), main Gold Sponsor (VTEX) and incredible speakers!

We now invite you to enjoy the super insightful sessions of our speakers, according to their main topic!

Customer Retention

Nicole Baqai and TJ Balogun – Black Friday Customer Service Checklist: 5 Tips to Survive the Madness

Are you preparing for a long holiday season? Good, during this year’s BFCM, retailers expect 80-100% growth in support/order volume over 2-3 months. How will you be able to compete with large retailers that start 1-2 months early and are pushing offers online?

In this session, Nicole Baqai and TJ Balogun show you how to face an increase in support service requests and improve CX overall.

Watch this insightful client case study and learn how TJ improved customer experience by synchronizing Andrea Iyamah with Gorgias, a CRM based platform that led to a customer base increase of 30% within the past 6 months.

Valentin Radu – How to Nail Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

There are only two ways to generate growth for your eCommerce business. First, by acquiring new customers. Second, by getting current customers to buy more. In this session, Valentin Radu will guide you through a methodology that will help you generate growth by nailing Customer Value Optimization (CVO):

  • The eCommerce Growth Formula
  • What affects the CLV
  • Customer Segmentation
  • How to Improve CVL
  • The CVO Impact

Watch the entire video session to learn if you need to change your company’s mentality and if you monitor the KPIs that matter.

Derric Haynie – Using Live Chat to Maximize Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Did you know that 93% of brands are doing live chat wrong? You can turn this into an advantage even against the big players. In this session, Derric Haynie shows you how to build an effective bot-to-human on-site chat with a response time below 90 seconds, available 24/7.

Watch the entire session and extract valuable insights regarding:

  • The difference between good and bad live chat.
  • Conversation examples that convert (and that don’t)
  • Your 6 step plan for successful conversations that lead to conversions

Using his advice, you will be able to design a chat that is not only prepared to maximize Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales but improve overall customer service interaction.

Raul Galera – Increasing Customer Retention (and Acquisition) After The Holidays

For lots of eCommerce merchants, BFCM and the overall Holiday Season is the busiest time of the year. This year it’s projected the be bigger than ever considering how most of the shopping has been moving online over the past few months. Most brands are looking into customer acquisition right now, but what’s going to happen after these new customers buy from your store for the first time? Do you have a post-purchase plan in place? In this talk, we’ll cover some areas that will help you increase customer retention and brand advocacy.

Joep Brenninkmeijer – Growth via Great CX: Proactively Helping Your Customer for a Win-Win Situation

Joep Brenninkmeijer’s session emphasizes the importance of knowing who your customers are and why this is a source of sustainable growth.

He presented an insightful case study for Blade, Heineken’s beer draught system, which proves how impactful a data enrichment campaign can be. With the power of customer surveys and one-on-one interviews, they collected data from 2000+ users, which helped them have an in-depth understanding of their customer base.

Watch Joep’s talk to see how great CX can generate growth and also how you can make your customers base thrive in the middle of a pandemic during the holidays.

Cristi Movila – Collaborative eCommerce

In this session, Cristi Movila shows you how to go beyond traditional eCommerce and how Collaborative eCommerce can have a positive impact on your business.

Watch the whole video to understand:

  • What is Collaborative eCommerce;
  • Advantages of integrated commerce – Marketplace – OMS platform;
  • How to expand your market reach and reduce overhead with a marketplace.

Learn how marketplaces drive incremental revenue through a network effect that produces exponential growth!

eCommerce Industry Insights

PANEL: Roberta Berza, Miruna Mitu, Kamran Shaikh – Pre and Post Black Friday strategies from 3 eCommerce Verticals

We dedicated the panel to the Pre and Post Black Friday strategies. Collect ideas on how to transform these new customers into repeat customers.

Watch this panel to get insightful data from 3 eCommerce verticals:

  • Business performance in 2020 given the impact of COVID-19
  • Major measures are taken to keep the business afloat or growing
  • The industry’s overall performance
  • The balance between online and offline shopping
  • How upper management’s approach to eCommerce changed in 2020
  • Managing a new kind of eCommerce customers – the very late adopters
  • Forecasts for this year’s Black Friday results
  • The impact of COVID-19 on this year’s Black Friday campaigns
  • How to keep customers that were generated during Black Friday engaged after this campaign ends
  • The impact of heavy discounts during Black Friday
  • Tools used to monitor customer retention
  • Cohort analysis for customer behavior after Black Friday ends
  • The most useful lessons learned about eCommerce in 2020

Jill Thayer Liliedahl – Increase Profits and Avoid Missed Revenue by Forecasting Customer Demand

Learn from Jill Thayer Liliedahl how to use customer sales history to forecast and prepare your inventory for the future.

In this talk, Jill emphasizes how impactful forecasting can be for your eCommerce business:

  • Use past behavior to predict future patterns
  • Make sure you have what your customers want when they want it
  • How you can improve stock turn by 8x

See the whole video and find how to save time and increase accuracy using demand planning.

Richard Anning – How to Bring Data to the Beauty Industry

Richard Anning’s session underlines the beauty of bringing data to the Beauty Industry and reminds us of the importance of data to any eCommerce business.

Watch his presentation to learn more about how to leverage the power of the data you’re collecting:

  • Understand your data journey;
  • Data perspective for your customer journey;
  • Asking your data or digital analyst the right questions;
  • Becoming data-driven.

Learn how to manage data and what types of change you’ll be able to make for your business just by making good use of all the data you’re generating and collecting.

Customer Experience

Elise Connors – Using Data You Already Have to Win the Customers You Don’t

As an eCommerce store owner, you likely already have millions of data points at your fingertips. But the truth is, most data is nonsense. In this session, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the data you already have and turn it into insights that, when used correctly, can turn your website into a revenue-generating machine.

Phil Gorman – Scaling with Balance: Maintaining the 3 Pillars of E-Commerce as You Grow

In this session, Phil Gorman talks about the importance of scaling your eCommerce business with balance. See why maintaining the three pillars of eCommerce as you grow is vital for the future of your company:

  • Typical Challenges & Effects
  • The Three Pillars of eCommerce
  • Examining Customer Experience
  • Nurturing new Customers

Watch this session to get tips about overcoming challenges that affect eCommerce stores worldwide and how to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Jon MacDonald – The 8 Laws of Conversion

Jon MacDonald takes us back to the basics of conversion rate optimization. This session, “The 8 Laws of Conversion”, will help you understand the key principles that allow you to design a highly converting and revenue-generating website.

When optimizing your site for conversion, is it enough to trust your gut or get inspiration for past experiences? “The average webpage is designed less scientifically than the average toilet brush,” says Dr. Karl Blanks, the inventor of the term conversion rate optimization. Jon MacDonald starts his presentation with this powerful quote and gives you a healthy structure to build a powerful CRO strategy for your eCommerce business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Marty Greif – Proving Best Practices by Testing

You can’t miss Martin Greif’s Proving Best Practices by Testing! There are 3 basic questions your website needs to answer for visitors to convert:

  • Am I in the right place?
  • How do I feel about this site?
  • What am I supposed to do here?

Once you understand why the answers to these questions are so important, you can begin testing 4 of the industry best practices. What are those best practices?

Follow Martin’s presentation Proving Best Practices by Testing to learn the answers.

Tim Ash – The Magic of Wizards and Why You Desperately Need It

Many eCommerce sites pride themselves on having a massive selection. Unfortunately, this overwhelming amount of choice actually paralyzes customers from making decisions. This is especially true if the products are in categories that are unusual or which involve complex tradeoffs.

Fortunately, there is a better way!

In this session you will:

  • Come to feel sorry for your site visitors and their product selection experience
  • See examples of how wizards function and understand their power
  • Learn how to construct your own wizards for key product categories
  • Conversion Rate Optimization expert Tim Ash literally wrote the best-selling books on landing page optimization. Hear Tim’s unique perspective on making your eCommerce site more useful and profitable!

Talia Wolf – The Biggest Mistakes People Make with Their Funnels and How to Fix Them

In this session, Talia Wolf emphasizes the strong link between resolving the customer’s pain point and driving value through your products and services.

Follow this session to learn why people are not that into your funnel:

  • The biggest mistakes people make with their funnels (on FB ads, on landing pages, on thank you pages, and on their first emails)
  • How to fix those problems, of course :)
  • Formulas and frameworks for optimizing them.
  • The 4 most important steps in a high-converting funnel

Continue the relation beyond a conversion-oriented landing page and make the entire funnel about them – your customers!


Mark Irvine – Personalizing your PPC Campaigns for the “New & Normal” Audiences this Holiday Season

2020 has changed all of us and your PPC campaigns are no exception! As real-world trends shifted, as did the SERP and the best practices of yesteryear will no longer suffice. With this holiday shopping season being more online than ever, the stakes are higher than ever before to understand how to identify, reach, and personalize your ads for the new normal. In this session, we’ll focus on how to:

  • Reengage with your past loyal customers this year with ad targeting to keep them from straying to your new competition.
  • Discover how new trends from the COVID era have changed how people search, browse, and interact with your brand on and off the SERP.
  • Identify the new users and audiences that are looking for your product online today and how to convert them to customers.
  • Personalize your ads for each searcher and audience at scale by using new targeting and automation features within Google, Bing, and Facebook.
  • Plan ahead for after the holiday rush to maximize your ROI from these audiences in the following months.

John Ghiorso – Gaining a Competitive Edge on Amazon

Amazon is a crowded marketplace. In 2020, more than 2.5 million sellers listed products for sale across virtually every product category. To be successful, brands must outmaneuver their competition by capturing a share of voice, defending their position, and engaging in cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Join us for a conversation with John Ghiorso, Founder and CEO of Orca Pacific, a MightyHive company. For over 12 years, Orca Pacific has helped consumer product brands grow their Amazon business through advertising management, content optimization, and operational excellence.

In this 30-minute virtual session, John will contextualize the competition on the platform as it exists today. He will then dive into strategies for climbing onto Page 1 and defending your position on the search page. Finally, John will explore new Amazon strategies and programs that are underutilized and could give your brand a competitive edge.

Kunle Campbell – Building Resilient “Lifecycle Ad Funnels” that Acquire and Retain Customers

Customer lifecycle oriented media buying: In this session, Kunle will take you through how to create a co-ordinated ‘always-on’ life cycle oriented media buying funnel strategy that focuses on optimization for conversions and retention.

You will learn why a considerate portion of your media buying efforts should be focused on converting above the line awareness and interest.

And how to set up your direct-to-customer communication channels for longer-term retention.

This session will help marketing teams understand the acquisition and retention funnel frameworks employed by 8 and 9 figures online retailers.

Kyle Roof – Advanced Interlinking and Using Semantic Terms

Kyle Roof proved that “Google’s algorithm is just an algorithm and you can beat it with simple math.” In this session, he exemplifies how he did that and how Google changed the rules after his experiment.

Watch this video to learn about Advanced Interlinking and Using Semantic Terms:

  • Three Types of Important Terms for a WebPage
  • Top places for Important Term Places
  • Semantically Related Pages
  • The importance of Interlinking
  • Creating Virtual Silos to Support your Semantic Target Pages
  • The Relationship of Tiers to Keywords & How to move up a tier

Following Kyle’s tips, you will be able to create pages and structure your site to help rank for more keywords and raise your site’s authority.

Augustine Fou – How Bad Guys Commit Ad Fraud and Trick Attribution Reporting

In this session, Dr. Augustine Fou, an independent ad fraud researcher, shares an overview of various types of ad fraud, including manipulation of attribution reports by bad guys. They do this to steal ad budgets and cover their tracks. Be on the lookout in your own data to minimize your risks.

Thank you all for attending this eye-opening event and we hope to see even more of you at our next event!

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