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Conversion Rate Optimization

Boosted in-app purchase conversion rate by 125% and still running A/B tests for success

Zac Aghion, Splitforce

Zac Aghion is the CEO & Co-Founder of Splitforce, a business focused on behavioral analytics for native apps and games. The first launched product is A/B testing software for Unity, iOS and Android apps. Zac is a big data expert and a statistics geek, as you will convince yourself by reading his answers, where he mentions about statistical significance and cluster analysis. 

As our guest Alex Richter mentioned in a previous interview, ecommerce optimization is very data driven. That’s why, driving conclusions based on data analysis may become the practice that will grow your online conversion rate. Now let’s see what Zac has to say about A/B testing.

1.A/B testing is embraced by more and more marketers to test their ideas.  Do you recommend it? Why? 

Sell-through, known in the online world as conversion rate, is the single highest leverage point in any commerce-based business. A/B testing is a proven and reliable method to incrementally increase conversion rates, by facilitating product decisions through the leverage of user data.

2. Do you remember the case that got the most outstanding growth in conversions due to an A/B Test or a combination of it with other actions?

We managed to grow the in-app purchase conversion rates by 125% for Reign Design, a Shanghai-based app sudio.

3. Can you make a top 5 of A/B testing ideas for ecommerce websites?

1) Don’t be shy – test radically different ideas

2) Focus on where the conversion is happening – checkout + product pages are usually a good place to start

3) Always establish a baseline against which to measure progress

4) Use lazy assignment to realize faster results w/ less traffic

5) Do not stop an experiment until you reach statistically significant results

4. Do you use personalization to improve the conversion rate? How? 

Yes, models like RFM analysis or clustering can help you create market segments and predict what type of product should be shown each segment in order to optimize their probability of converting. 

5. Where to start from? What are the most important things a marketer shouldn’t miss when he starts to optimize the conversion rate?

Think about what metrics matter the most for your business and then what factors you believe have the greatest impact on those metrics.

So, this it! The third interview in our series. If you want to learn more about ecommerce optimization, stick with us for further insights from CRO experts and not only.

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