Retention Rate Optimization Articles

This section is dedicated to expert-level tips on retention rate optimization. Why is this KPI so important? Because retaining existing customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers.


Did you know that the average retention rate for ecommerce is around 30%? How’s your e-store doing compared to the industry’s average? Before you think of ways to optimize retention rate, you must be sure that you’re using the right formula.


Opposite of customer churn rate, customer retention rate represents the number of customers your ecommerce business retains over a given period. It is a metric that measures the efficiency of your customer retention strategy. It is one of the most important indicators of your e-store’s health.


Explore the materials in this section and you’ll find answers to all of your questions regarding retention rate optimization, from most effective strategies to the most common mistakes ecommerce businesses make.

Did you know that there's a tool for Customer Value Optimization?

It’s called Reveal and it uses automated segmentation and insights based on your first-party data to help you increase the number of loyal customers and improve Customer Lifetime Value.

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