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Cialdini’s Tip: Consistency Applied in e-Marketing

Consistency is a valuable weapon for people trying to convince others to comply. If you are committed to your beliefs, people around you will see you as a strong, well-trained, trustworthy man. The same scenario applies to the online marketing activity: a powerful brand is addressing  to his audience with a coherent and consistent message concerning its identity.


As Cialdini states, “Inconsistency is commonly thought to be an undesirable personality trait. The person whose

beliefs, words and deeds don’t match may be seen as indecisive, confused, two-faced, or even mentally ill.”

If one man who is looking to be perceived by others as successful or powerful, he will be committed to his beliefs in order to keep his self-image at a high level.

As an e-marketer, you can easily apply the principle of consistency in your activity. Give your visitors something to commit to and they will follow the “path of consistency”. If they have downloaded from your website a free ebook, for example, they will follow their “path of consistency”. So, they will continue to visit your site in order to get more information. At their 2nd, 3rd, 4th…nth visit, once they have already committed, you can strike: place an offer on your website, send them an email, mention the offer in a newsletter.  Strike the iron while it’s hot!



Photo source: Hubspot blog

Giving the opportunity to one visitor to download something useful for himself will grow your chances to convince him to get your offer, instead of going to a competitor who didn’t give him something to commit to. When you call him to act and get your offer, you are the first one on his list. He likes you! This fact is proved by him still visiting your website, downloading guides, getting free trials and so on.

Consistency once! Consistency twice! Sold!

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