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Cialdini’s Tip: Social Proof Applied in e-Marketing

Today you will find out how to use another principle of persuasion, the Social Proof, in order to optimize your conversions, to generate leads or to increase sales.


Cialdini defined this principle as the tendency or instinct of people to act like the others do. We live in a society and, whether we like it or not, we usually feel more comfortable when we know that the others agree with us, have similar habits, passions etc. Moreover, uncertainty is influencing people to accept others’ approval. As professor Cialdini states, “when we are unsure of ourselves […] we are most likely to look to and accept the actions of others as correct.”

If you own an e-commerce store, you should be aware that one visitor is more likely to convert into a customer when he can see others’ reviews or anything that proves that your product deserves his attention.

Examples of execution:

1. Webfusion


A testimonial is a pure social proof: a customer confesses what a great experience he had with the company the visitor is interacting at one specific moment. More powerful tools of persuasion based on the principle of social proof are testimonial videos, because the visitor get to observe the speaker’s look, gestures, to hear his voice and so on.

2. Book


You can observe that these fellows are using the principle of social proof differently: they are locating their customers on Google Maps; then, they deliver their visitors the basically information about another buyer’s purchase. Smart, right?


The guys from already proved us in a previous article on our blog about other principle of persuasion, Scarcity , that they really know how to use persuasion to convince their visitors to convert. This time, you will see how social proof influences one’s tendency to get one offer.


Obviously, social sharing buttons are a “must have” for almost any website. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and any other social network you have in mind to socially prove to your visitors that what you’re selling to them is really appreciated by others.

Prove and convert more!



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