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Conversion optimization tips for electro IT shops

When it comes to conversion optimization, electro IT shops are one of the most interesting types of e-commerce sites, because of their specific audience. Being related to technology and gadgets, electro IT shops attract a lot of visitors that already have a sophisticated view of the online buying experience and know exactly what they are searching for. However, everybody needs PC components or can search for new gadgets, so inexperienced IT users can also arrive on the site.

So how do you respond to the needs and expectations of such different customers?
Here are some tips to improve customers experience on site:

1.    Look at the site with the eyes of a customer. Gather all possible data about the profile of IT shoppers in general and about the visitors of your site in particular. For instance, electronic devices, gadgets and PC components have a higher price than food or clothes and are considered an investment. Because customers need to be sure what they’re investing in, they do more in depth searches for information.

For example, according to Statista, consumers who purchase an Apple product or a Samsung product are most inclined to be satisfied with their purchase. Many other similar interesting studies can be found online.

consumer satisfaction

You can use statistical data your traffic analyses provide and establish the profile of your visitors. Or click maps and heat maps to see how visitors navigate the site. More about how to do research, in a previous article about conversion optimization tools.

2.   Make your potential customers feel comfortable with the purchase (no matter how valuable it is). Throughout the purchase process, eliminate all risk that can be associated with the transaction. Put an emphasis on the security of the transaction. Give precise delivery information and propose a shipment tracking service. Warranty info should be one of the most visible informations on products pages.

There are a number of ways to display these informations. You can opt for an official certificate of security and they display the badge, or you just can emphasize grafically the security advantages you offer. That’s what has done:


3.    Give exhaustive information on each product page. Customers are going to want to know everything about the product: how it works, what are its main features. Use descriptions to present the main characteristics and to attract the customer. Nevertheless, make a separate “Specifications” section or tab for more advanced information.

4.    Propose a model comparison. Technologies are constantly evolving and new versions of the same product appear regularly. Model comparison is one of the best ways to synthesize information about more products, to list the different features, and to give on site alternatives to customers. There may be small differences between two versions of a smartphone, but these differences may be exactly what users are searching for.

5.    Insert videos into product pages. Beside the features, one of the things IT shoppers would like to find out is how the product actually works. Through videos they can see it in action and understand more about it.

6.    Create a filter by brands. The electro IT world is dominated by brands. Make sure customers find easily on site their preferred brands and their products.

7.    Reviews. These are one of the most desirable features of an electro IT shop. Geeks and other technology passionate are a strong community, and in a community opinions matter. Insert an average customer note or display other customer’s reviews.

8.   Create a “New products” section and test to see where should be inserted in the layout of the site, so that it becomes more visible and converts better. New products are one of the very first things technology passionates search for.

9.  Emphasize the fact that you provide technical help. People who search for computer hardware may very well have a technical problem. You can improve your services by providing technical advice or a assistance to people who need help choosing their products. Showing that behind the shop there are real technical experts will make people only trust you more. Here’s how did this through a simple block of text:

technical expertise

10.  Provide a matching guide. Some computer parts will only match with certain hardware. For example, a motherboard needs a big enough case to hold it. Help visitors see easier which hardware they need. The guide you create can take any form. Just take into account usability and usfulness. You could create a formulary, a table etc.

Dell has found a pretty interesting system for configuring and shopping a computer. It seems especially useful for IT novices.

Dell configuring

11. Offer financing opportunities. While they are very coveted items, gadgets can be expensive. Offering financing solutions can make them more accesible for customers. And more sales, even if with minimum monthly payments, mean more more profit for you. Sony proposes such a system

sony financing

BHphotovideo also proposes an accesible payment system.


12. Use targeted recommendations. Gadgets go great in pairs or with accesories. You could use a recommendation engine to create personalized offers for your customers. Show them exactly the products they search for or the type of products they prefer, and your sales will grow. Also, behavioral based recommendations offer you a great way to cross-sell and up-sell.

13. Create time based offers. Electronics and gadgets are not always an urgency item, but they can be very desired items. You could use your stock availability info to create time based and stock based offers. Or to use scarcity as a commercial argument. Here’s how Newegg puts this into practice in a very nuanced way:

conversion optimization

All this tactics are intended to build customer trust, to make IT information more accessible and to create a better user experience on site. What about you, what tactics would you apply to keep customers more engaged and to convert more from an electro IT shop?

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