12 Easy Ways to Drive More eCommerce Sales
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12 Easy Ways to Drive More eCommerce Sales

One of the biggest developments in the last few years has been eCommerce. It has seen massive growth over the last decade or so, with plenty of companies selling their products effectively online. It’s important that you use the right techniques to drive your eCommerce sales considering the growth of competition.

Driving more eCommerce sales ensures you’re secured for the long-term and also gets your products out there for more people to see. Once you get the right audience and the right marketing strategy, you’ll be able to get a lot more sales and keep your business secured for the future.

Here are some of the best ways to drive more eCommerce sales .

Use Referral Marketing 

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is referral marketing. If you’re not doing it as yet, now’s a good time to start. eCommerce thrives on referral marketing and consumers love it when a good product is recommended to them. Up to 81% of consumers have claimed that they have made purchases based just on a great recommendation from a friend or family member. 

The referral marketing system doesn’t have to be too elaborate. You can keep it simple and ensure you get the best out of the system rather than making it look too good. The most effective way is to keep a review section on your site for each product, along with recommendations for your brand.

Customers gained directly via referrals have a lifetime value of 25% more than normal customers.

Upsell and cross-sell to buyers 

Having an option to upsell or cross-sell to buyers can also make a big difference for anyone who’s looking to purchase your products. Consumers like it when there’s a cross-selling or upselling option and it even gives them an awareness of any new product that’s available.

Sometimes, customers aren’t aware if a premium product is present and you can provide the evidence with a nice upgrade too.

Talk about the different features of the product and emphasize the difference and ask in the right places on your site (Checkout, product browsing, etc.)  if a customer is interested in making an upgrade.

Make sure your cross-selling products are similar to the original product being sold. Also, make sure the products are in the anticipated price range that the customer needs. Upselling gives you the opportunity to show your customers more products that are more likely to get purchased by them directly off your site. It can result in more purchases during one session and also more referrals as customers enjoy a seamless experience interacting with your website too. 

Monitor and improve site speed 

Site speed is another important factor in ensuring websites are up to date and work efficiently as needed. You need to constantly check the site speed so that it works well for the customers to use. If the site takes more than three seconds to lose, you already can lose up to 50% of all your visitors and that’s extremely undesirable. 

You won’t be able to get them back as well after the first go. Site speed is such an important factor because 80% of visitors wouldn’t want to head back to a site and get frustrated if the loading time is terrible at loading.

You can use online tools to know how the site is performing and ensure it works properly at the same time. Tools like webpagetest.org provide an ideal solution to show how the site is performing at any point in time.

Use social proof 

Social proof works in the same way as referrals, and up to 92% of online customers would trust a recommendation from a peer, with 70% trusting a recommendation from a stranger online. Social proof works when peers, or a sizable part of the population trust a certain brand enough to continually buy their products or subscribe to their services.

Amazon uses social proof effectively on all their product pages to showcase the goodness and usability of their products and it’s worked wonders. Express Watches were able to increase their conversion rates steadily by up to 58% with the aid of social proof by just adding one review widget on their products page.

It’s worth a shot and definitely a method that will bring you results and help customers see your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

Send Abandoned cart emails

One of the most annoying things that can happen as an eCommerce seller is when a customer abandons their purchase just before they’re about to purchase. There can be many reasons, from pricing to non-availability of free shipping and much more. 

Don’t worry too much if someone abandons their shopping cart though. You can still recover it. 30% of cart abandonment can be recovered, with a good abandoned cart email. Your content team can work together to craft an effective email for abandoned cart emails. 

The best tools to use are GetResponse to help automate any abandoned cart emails the moment a customer leaves the site. These emails can be triggered easily in a matter of minutes after a customer leaves the site.

Abandoned carts can be a great way to ensure customers keep your business on the top of their minds. By doing so, they’ll be able to check their email and head straight to the site to purchase the product directly from there. 

Customer retention to get more sales

It’s important that you have strong customer retention because this is one factor that boosts your revenue over the long term. Your customers’ lifetime value needs to be high so you can improve multiple transactions and Because Customer retention increases your customers’ lifetime value and boosts your revenue multiple folds.

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. This is why a 5% increase in retention can translate as a 60-70& increase in revenue and acquiring a customer can be 7 times more expensive than retaining them.

Moreover, the “Soulmates” are your Ideal Customer Profile. Being able to identify your “Soulmates” can contribute to your Revenue Growth.

If you want to dig deeper into your consumers’ behavior, you don’t need an expensive data analyst, you can use an automated RFM software to make the most out of your transactional data.

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Simplify your checkout program 

Similar to abandoned carts, checkout too, is a crucial process in retaining customers. You’d ideally like a process that’s simple, easy, and fast so the customer completes their purchase and you get the money.

You need to eliminate any unnecessary buttons, texts, or navigation requirements on the checkout page. You can also enable a quicker guest checkout and make the whole process mobile-optimized. Finally, offer multiple payment options so customers can complete their purchasing process sooner.

Keep trying out different processes and tweak them till you find a solution that works effectively for you.

The checkout process needs to consume the least data in the entire customer journey. This is because it needs to be purely functional and not have any hiccups from the user’s standpoint. If this is done, it becomes simpler for your brand to make more sales and in the process ensure a smoother checkout for the user as well.

Introduce a rewards program 

One of the most important metrics of growth for any eCommerce company is its recurring customers. More than 80% of the profits come from 20% of the current customer base. That means you need to ensure that 20% of the customers currently are treated well.

This is because they contribute to eight out of every ten sales in the future and it only makes sense that you keep them happy at all times, right? Companies like Amazon Prime have offered discounts and sneak peeks into new products as a way to customers who interact often with their brand. 

Rewards are a great way to impress customers and show them how much. 

It also gives them priority checkout and delivery, so they know they can expect only quality service every time.

Use retargeting ads

When a customer interacts with your brand on the website, they provide some of their details in the same. You need to effectively use the data you receive from them to retarget them at other points when they’re browsing the net. This can be done with effective retargeting ads that work as a smart strategy to get them back to your website.

Whenever a customer browses a product on your site, you can effectively get them to head back. These ads contain details of the products they’ve browsed or considered and maps them based on their behavior. If you have a good ad retargeting strategy, you can improve your ad returns by up to 400%

Use Google Shopping ads 

1. Google shopping is free in the US with “surfaces across Google” programs.

Google provides information about the surfaces across Google programs that helps merchants sell better online. Announced around the middle of 2019, the program showcased the different products on the Google platform via search results across the internet. Retailers can receive more unpaid traffic via the program too.

Free traffic can lead to more visitors and better online sales as well. The program was created for that exact reason. If you’re submitting a quality google shopping feed to the Merchant Center, then you can serve different product results and serve them effectively to the user.

2. Creating shopping ads the right way 

It’s easy to get started when you’re submitting data. You can opt in to the program with the Growth > Manage Programs settings. You can also benefit if you’re not using a data feed in the Google Merchant Center for all of your Shopping campaigns as well. 

You can customize your goal for the campaign and if none of them fit what you’re looking for, you can create one without a goal.

This can be done by selecting a campaign type first and then selecting the goal you’d like to showcase on your site.

Use Live Chat 

There are many other great ways to engage site visitors with customers who are outside of emails. You can use the live chat feature to effectively engage with the shoppers who are present on your site. 

There aren’t many live chat tools available that allow you to target the browsers who are present on certain pages. Once they are present on your site for a certain period of time, even via newsletter, they can have direct conversations with the brand. There are plenty of great live chat tools that facilitate smoother conversations with customers so they can address any customer concerns right at the first point of contact and help the customer navigate through the website with ease. 

Some brands such as Luxy Hair use live chat to engage with prospects and also inform customers of their status without having to individually contact them over the email too. This makes it simpler for customers to get queries answered and head straight to the purchase section of the site. You can also introduce new products via live chat and get them to interact with other products too.

Offer free shipping wherever possible

Free shipping is always a bonus when it comes to eCommerce. Consumers hate it when they don’t have the option for free shipping. Up to 52% of consumers have added more to their cart in order to qualify directly for free shipping. Also, 47% of shoppers claimed they would abandon any cart if the shipping option wasn’t provided.

Thus, these are some of the effective ways you can improve your eCommerce sales in 2020. Make sure you’re always experimenting and finding out all the possible ways to get customers to know more about your brand and engage with the same. Try innovative ways of marketing and you’ll soon begin to see the results. 

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