11 years ago, we got the documents: OmniConvert has been officially founded.

Go us! 

But “eleven years” is an abstract idea. 

While an important milestone, what do these years really mean when we take a step outside ourselves and look at them?

  • As it turns out, in eleven years, you could go through Med School twice in Romania.
  • You can have a child, nurture him, send him to school, and watch him reach Grade 6.
  • You could train and climb Everest eleven times.
  • You could research and publish the entire Dune series – with time to spare.

(However, it seems like you can’t, unfortunately, finish The Song of Ice and Fire Saga.)

Now, let’s get back to Omniconvert. 

What significance do these eleven years hold for our team, our clients, our friends, and for you?

To answer, we have to go back to the late Cretaceous, as we call it -> the time before Omniconvert. 

In the beginning, there wasn’t Omniconvert; there was Marketizator. 

An not-so-fortunate-named start-up, founded out of a painful situation: the acquisition was too expensive.

You see, all great things happen when a bunch of misfits, having had enough of the status quo, break the mold with a new approach. 

In our case, the status quo was happening in 2011, when our founder’s eCommerce was barely breaking even. 

The traffic was too expensive.

So, after one year of running A/B testing experiments with the ancestor of Omniconvert’s Explore, built in-house, the situation changed, and the conversion rate grew by 60%.

With that knowledge in mind and the solution to a very frequent problem, Valentin Radu, the founder of Omniconvert, launched Marketizator.

We aim to help companies become data-driven and improve what matters for an eCommerce business: the conversion rate.

While the idea was there, our identity wasn’t really hitting it. 

In our heads, Marketizator was like Terminator, but for Marketing. 

Yes. A very bad idea.

People from the US were pronouncing it “Mark Hesitator.”

So, we rebranded.

By 2016, we became Omniconvert. 

We were already making waves in the industry, attracting attention from investors who recognized the transformative potential of our platform. 

The venture capital fund Catalyst Romania invested in Omniconvert. 

That was the year we revamped Explore’s UI for surveys and overlays and added the Bayesian model (to the Frequentist one) to validate A/B tests.

Basically, Explore was getting better and more capable, while also becoming easier to navigate.

In 2017, we faced challenges head-on as we were hit with the effects of premature scaling. 

However, this period of introspection led us to refine our approach.

We emerged stronger and more focused, ready to empower larger enterprises with our advanced capabilities, helping them with more than technology, adding A-level experts that help them make progress

In 2018: 

  • We re-engineered the A/B testing reporting to include two types of reporting: Frequentist and Bayesian
  • G2 named us the “highest overall customer satisfaction” CRO tool.
  • We held 200 interviews with eCommerce and retail leaders like you and validated the pressing need to enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

In 2019, we embarked on a mission to redefine the industry with Reveal. 

A new and unique Customer Value Optimization (CVO) platform. 

We wanted to design a platform specifically for retailers.

We wanted to use qualitative and quantitative data to unlock new levels of customer engagement and loyalty, driving sustainable growth for your business.

Fast forward to 2020, and Omniconvert Reveal is born, empowering companies like yours to unlock the full potential of customer segmentation and retention. 

With feedback from industry giants such as Decathlon, Otter, and Office Direct, it’s clear that our solutions are making a tangible impact on businesses of all sizes.

As we entered 2021, our commitment to your success remained the same. 

We expanded our offerings with the launch of the CVO Academy, providing you with the tools and expertise needed to maximize the value of our platform and drive lasting results for your business.

By 2022, our reputation as a leader in CRO solutions was firmly established, with top ratings across industry platforms and a growing roster of hundreds of satisfied clients. 

Omniconvert has once again achieved a ‘High Performant’ rating on the G2  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Report, and our rating was a perfect 5/5 on the Shopify app marketplace.

With the introduction of our dynamic audience builder, we’re empowering you to deliver personalized Ad & email campaigns that resonate with your target audience, driving growth and profitability like never before.

In 2023, we had a team of 35 exceptional people who were 4X more efficient than our team of 60 people back in 2017.

We’ve joined forces as a team with Valentin Radu to launch “The CLV Revolution” book – the Customer Lifetime Bible for practitioners.

With our advanced NPS solution, companies gain the insights they need to understand and engage with your customers on a deeper level, ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

And now, in 2024, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of innovation with our in-store experimentation solution. 

We’re in private beta with our in-store experimentation solution, which allows businesses to be agile despite their Enterprise-level scale. 


What significance do these eleven years hold for our team, our clients, our friends, and for you?

For our team, these eleven years represent growth in all aspects, challenges that not many people have faced, countless Jira logs, and innovation across all levels. 

Our clients find meaning in their results; whether the +46% in Revenue/user we delivered for CLX, the +30% in Revenue/user for Leroy Merlin, or the +25% in Conversion Rate for AliveCor, our talented CRO strategists see upticks wherever they touch. 

Our friends saw us grow in the past years; in a way, we also learned to read, write, and adapt, just like a small child, during this time. 

A BIG thanks to all our colleagues, investors, partners, and industry experts, like Peter Fader, Bob Moesta, Daniel McCarthy, Neil Hoyne, and many many others that have been by our side. 

And for you?

These past eleven years represent our maturity, expertise, and knowledge. 

We’ve decoded the path from clicks to relationships. 

From one time buyers to long term relationships. 

From being product-centric to becoming truly customer-centric. 

And you can choose to benefit from all our struggles and low-points. 

Because our strongest gift is the power of adapting – to market changes, trends, customers’ behaviors. 

You can choose to work with us, become versed in the CVO methodology, and grow your business smartly and sustainably. 

You can choose to stop doing things like you’ve always done. 

There’s a new way, a better way. 

The CVO way.