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Get your marketing insights faster: free online tools for analyzing web pages

Software is power for any company that wants to be successful in the digital world. Choose the right software and your business will be 10 times stronger. The thing is, besides the big software that lies behind any business there are also free small tools you can use. They aren’t strategic tools in any way, but they can give some really good insights about competitors and your market. They are easy to use, they are free and their data can be useful for any marketer.


Wappalyzer is a small tool with a simple mechanism: it shows you the technologies other websites are using.  Let’s face it: peeking what the competition does has always been a good tactic. Even if you only practice it in order to differentiate yourself and do exactly the opposite thing.  

free online tools for anlyzing web pages - wappalyzer

Software is a great asset for any enterprise. By choosing the right software, you can build a powerful competitive advantage.
Wappalyzer can show which analytics solution a website uses, if it has a conversion optimization code installed and if it deploys A/B tests. A peek into the toolbox of a website can tell you a lot about their marketing strategy. Though very basic, an application like Wappalyzer will be a great asset for discovering new marketing tactics.


This is an old but good one.  SEOquake can let you make a fast analysis of a web page. If you want to know what keywords your competitors are using, on what page, the links they have and other rapid SEO factors, this is the tool you should use.  This tool is not only useful for SEO, it’s a tool that offers interesting marketing data, devised by page. Semantics and keyword strategies, as well as links are equally important in other areas of the online marketing too: content marketing, social media.


WebRank Stats

WebRank Stats online free tool that helps you analyze a few essential parameters of your website or the ones of your competitors: Google and Alexa ranks, Compete and Quantcast ranks, numer of pages indexed, distribution of traffic sources, social presence indicators.

Webrank stats


Quantcast provides free audience measurement reports for various websites. Quantcast can display traffic and demographic data about the audiences of your competitors or about the audiences of websites’ you’re interested in for advertising. Through Quantcast you can obtain meaningful data about who are the visitors of a website, represented as percentages: their gender, their age, estimated income, household, education, and ethnicity.


All of the above tools are just suggestions. They might give you some quick insights and ideas about what to insert in your marketing strategy. However, the list is still open. And if you know other tools or applications that are fast at doing analyses of web pages or traffic, you can leave us a comment.

And don’t forget that almost all SaaS offer free trials. You can take advantage of this, if you want to test your website. This way you can obtain multiple analyses for your website or online marketing strategy, and also pick new tools that you might use on the long term.

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