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Testimonials and social proof

Social Proof is when you do something because people you trust or like are doing the same. Social proof is also the confirmation of a correct behavior. The term refers to the fact that something will be in trend if as many people as possible will embrace it, will talk about it with other friends, partners, students, attendees, trainees and so on.

You notice so many reviews, social sharing buttons and incentives to click on those buttons on the internet. Before you develop a strategy concerning the social proof for your business, you should know that there are 5 sources that can provide it: experts, celebrities, users, friends and large groups of people or communities.

 Images have a great impact in testimonials

Testimonial,social proof, join over
Just a plain text won’t persuade anyone. If you use quotations, make sure you display a human face or a picture of the one who is testifying for you. Moreover, the picture that accompanies someone’s testimonial should be a high-quality one.

For better results in conversions, add a call-to-action. Once a visitor committed to the idea that your brand or website deserves his attention and trust, he will be more likely to continue his road on your website. That happens because an expert, friend, customer appreciated your activity and all you have to do is to encourage the visitor to continue.

Similarity leads to persuasion

What I am trying to say is that people with similar habits and passions will, at least, have the curiosity to try what others in their circles have tried. Why should they be the backward guys, the ones that cannot keep up with the rhythm of evolution? So, in order to persuade visitors to take action, tell them that they are not the only ones. There are other hundreds, thousands of people who are doing the same.


Or you can just name them like Naked Wines is doing:


Another way to use similarity is to capture one of your customer’s experience. For example, you can show to your visitors how one of your customers managed to pass a difficult situation with you help: a busy mother who couldn’t find the time to make the insurance policy for her car found your website and got her policy at home. Be sure that all of the busy women who will see a testimonial like this will come to you to get their car insurance.

Authority reloaded

Again, authority is a great weapon of influence. You have the opportunity to show to your visitors how great you are without actually saying “Hey!Look how great I am!” Use your portfolio of customers, display their logos somewhere on your website.

Customer Testimonials

The example above is just a simple thing you can do. More effective would be to use an authority like a top influencer, great blogger of the industry or any other expert that can create a halo effect. Almost everything an expert is saying is believed.

Do you believe in the power of testimonials to grow your visitors’ trust in your brand or website? Design great testimonials with Omniconvert! We already have templates for you and you are free to play with words and test your copy on real visitors.


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