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Remember the days of childhood? When you heard a new word or discovered a new thing and asked everyone around what was it?

If something changed in the meantime, it’s adulthood.

Somehow, adults forgot how exciting is the world around them. They don’t want to LEARN and discover new things because they believe they KNOW stuff. But that’s just BS.

Life is a never-ending process of learning.

I invite you to give yourself a chance to be a curious again: we’re launching the second edition of International Ecommerce Day. 

Join the International Ecommerce Day conference to learn how to face the everyday challenges from work differently.

What is it all about?

International Ecommerce Day is an online conference at its second edition this year. It will be a single day full of case study rich presentations by thought leaders in digital marketing worldwide. 

At International Ecommerce Day we strive to cover all the pain points that the average Ecommerce website can encounter along the way of becoming a successful business:

At the first edition in May this year, the main focus of the conference was to discuss how website optimization can transform an eCommerce business. The speakers approached topics like:

  • Why The Future Of Ecommerce Belongs To The Optimizers

Chris Goward, Founder of WiderFunnel, discussed the problems that organizations face if they’re not taking optimization seriously. He presented frameworks and processes to improve optimization programs and tips on becoming a future-proof optimization champion.

  • Optimizing For Mobile – How To Turn Mobile Visitors Into Customers

Talia Wolf, Founder of Banana Splash talked about bridging the gap between mobile and desktop visitors and shared her insights from running A/B tests on mobile.

  • The Hidden Power Of Micro-Conversions

Valentin Radu, CEO of Omniconvert, talked about how small actions can take to big results. He presented the process of funnel optimization and provided with tips into how to re-engage lost visitors back into the funnel.

The main sponsor of the event was SalesMANAGO. The company was represented by their CEO,  Grzegorz Blazewicz, who has talked about how mobile revolution changes marketing automation strategies for eCommerce businesses.

The partners of the conference were, Olark, WordStream and Website Magazine.

I must say it was an amazing online series of webinar packed with lots of useful information and an interactive audience. Don’t believe me? Here’s what the speakers from the last edition said about being part of International Ecommerce Day:

Sujan Patel
Sujan Patel, Co-founder of

International Ecommerce Day was jam packed with information. Not only did they have a great line up for speakers but the tips and knowledge presented was actionable and the community was very engaging.

Meg Lister

Meg Lister, Marketing Manager Site Optimization, WordStream

“International Ecommerce Day was a great learning experience, both as a participant and a presenter! I was honored to present among well-respected Ecommerce marketers in a well-organized setting.

When is it?

November the 3rd.

Where is it?

You can attend the conference from anywhere in the world, from your office or from your home. The event will be live-streamed, online. Don’t worry about the quality of the sound and visuals. At the last edition we nailed it:

“I enjoyed my participation in the first International Ecommerce Day conference. The organization was highly professional and a good webinar platform was used.”

Dave Chaffey – CEO Smart Insights

Who’s coming?

Marketers all over the world, you, your colleagues and your boss, maybe. Oh, and Rand Fishkin, Valentin Radu, and many others.

Valentin Radu



Valentin Radu, Founder and CEO of Omniconvert

Valentin Radu is the Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, integrated conversion optimization tool for marketers. He is speaking internationally about how businesses should use conversion optimization principles and technology to grow their revenue and face the competition.


Rand Fishkin



Rand Fishkin, CEO and Founder of MOZ

Rand Fishkin co-founded what is, today, one of the marketing world’s fastest growing software companies, Moz.He is popular for his Whiteboard Friday sessions where he teaches marketers how to become better at SEO, content marketing, and inbound marketing.

William Harris



William Harris, Growth Marketer and Entrepreneur

William Harris is specialized in managing growth teams and all aspects of online marketing, including content marketing, social media marketing, and conversion optimization.

Brian Massey



Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences

Brian Massey is a thought-leader in the conversion rate optimization industry. He is the author of the book called “Your Customer Creation Equation” and participates as a speaker at international conferences where he speaks about the hottest topics in CRO.

Sam Mallikarjunan




Sam Malikarjunan, Principal Marketing Strategist at Hubspot

Sam Malikarjunan is specialized in growth and has become an expert in driving growth for eCommerce businesses. He has worked as Head of eCommerce Marketing at Hubspot on developing modern eCommerce marketing strategies using inbound marketing principles.


Karl Gilis



Karl Gilis, The G in AG Consult

Karl Gilis is passionate about conversion rate optimization and shares his knowledge at international conferences. According to PPC Hero, he is number 3 in a 25 Top Most Influential Conversion Rate Optimizers.


Paul Klebanov



Paul Klebanov, Marketing educator at SEMRush

Paul Klebanov is a digital marketing strategist focused on the development and execution of strategic online marketing plans. He is known for maximizing SEO, SEM and PPC efforts of the marketing teams.


Tomas Slimas



Tomas Slimas, Co-founder of Oberlo

Tomas Slimas is an eCommerce pro with an extensive background in online marketing. He is now helping eCommerce businesses automate their drop shipping using Oberlo.


Chloë Thomas



Chloë Thomas, Author and Podcast Host 

Chloë Thomas is the Founder and Host of eCommerce MasterPlan, a podcast for eCommerce professionals meant to inspire them to succeed with their business.


Navah Hopkins



Navah Hopkins, Customer Success Team Lead at WordStream

Navah Hopkins is a speaker and PPC thought-leader at WordStream. She is a serial entrepreneur, SEO/SEM philosopher, blogger and content strategist, knowing how to attract the right traffic to a website.


Michael Stricker




Michael Stricker, Lead Digital Marketing Consultant at MSDesign

Michael Stricker is a digital marketing strategist, working with the United States’ largest brands and agencies to grow using SEO, Social Media Management, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Inbound Marketing.


Cristian Ignat



Cristian Ignat, Chief Canopyst at Canopy

Cristian Ignat is the founder of Canopy, an agency that takes digital to new heights. He has worked a PPC marketing manager for several years and has become an expert at driving conversions from online advertising campaigns.

Why attend?

  1. You will get access to 20+ case study rich presentations
  2. You will learn how to create marketing campaigns with impact
  3. You will get access to marketing technology tools at great discounts

Stay tuned for more info about International Ecommerce Day, on our CRO blog.


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