Help us find Adina!

PLEASE HELP! Lost and Missing: Adina Popescu from Romania.

Speaks English very well. Last contact on 14th of July, 2016

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Headed to Annapurna region for trekking.
Carrying black and dark blue backpack.
Red/ Orange compact sleeping bag.

Last seen possibly wearing:

  • Orange Rain Parka
  • Green Watch
  • Blue Shorts
  • Yellow Shirt

Last known location to be in the Chomrong area, 40kms NNW of Pokhara.

Adina was due to return to Romania on the 18th of July, 2016.
She did not check into the airport as planned.

Please let us know if you see or hear of her whereabouts.

She started the trek towards Phedi on the 12th of July when she sent us these images:


Check out the campaign and help us find Adina!

The last time we heard from her is when she sent us an SMS on the 16th of July.

She was supposed to board her plane back to Romania on the 18th but she never did.

Ever since we have no sign from her.

We have alerted the embassy  & other authorities.

Update 1: From the information, we got from local authorities, she entered on 14th July in Chomrong for Annapurna Basecamp and exited on the 16th July at 10:30 am in the same place.

Update 2: According to Nepal Telekom, her phone was last active on the 20th, but they can’t tell us the location

If you have any information regarding her please send us an email at any of these addresses:

Check out the campaign and help us find Adina!

Much appreciated!

Here are some more images of her: