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How 2 Small Changes Lifted Aloshop’s CR by 17% on Mobile Devices


Background is a cross-channel Romanian business from the retail industry that sells products advertised on TV. They have over 500 products from different categories: kitchen, home & deco, fitness, and beauty.

General info about the business has been present on the online market since 2015. Their main competitors are teleshopping retailers with online stores. Aloshop’s main strength is their endorsement programme for their best selling products.


When we took on this project, Aloshop’s site posed two main challenges:

The biggest challenge was to convince new visitors to convert in the current session. New visitors covered 72% of the whole website traffic and 65% of them were exiting in maximum 30 seconds.


Another challenge was to make the mobile device more profitable, as 63% of the traffic was acquired on mobile,  but mobile was bringing just 47% of the revenue (according to Analytics).

After a closer analysis, we concluded that the main reason behind these issues was that most of the visitors ignored the main CTA on the category pages (“Add to cart”) so the CTR was very low. The main reason was the inappropriate copy on the button that was suggesting an action presented way too early.

Testing idea

We suggested replacing the text and the cart icon from the button with a copy that invites people to see more details on the product page. 

Testing methodology

We used the Omniconvert platform to A/B test the current version (“Add to cart”) versus the new button (See details). The traffic was split 50% on each variation and we tracked micro-conversions such as click-through rate on the main CTA, product title, and image. The macro conversion we tracked were the conversion rate, revenue, and revenue/visitor.

Control vs variation


We tested our idea on a traffic amounting to 61,310 users who visited the site using mobile devices. Our results showed the following:

In the macro conversions sector, the conversion rate increased with 18.64% (from 2.2% to 2.61%). Moreover, the overall revenue was increased by 12.03% while the revenue/ visitors increased by 12%.


In the micro conversions sector, the CTR on the CTA was boosted by 193% (!), while the test achieved 97% in two weeks.


Qualitative and quantitative research are must-haves when you build your online business. You can talk to your customers via surveys, do user testing or recording, measure with Analytics or other eCommerce tool and then test with A/B testing tools such as Omniconvert.