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How to Design an Automated Email Campaign to Lower your Abandonment Rate

The shopping cart page is critical for an e-commerce store. Though, the shopping cart abandonment rate is between 60-80% in this industry( source: Baymard Institute ). Find out how you can reduce it with an automated email campaign.


Tips for a good automated email campaign

1. Analyze your customers’ behavior

Make sure that your follow-up messages are linked to your customers’ interaction with your website. You can find out what type of content they have downloaded and then use this information to address them relevant messages. So, align your messages with the customer’s field of interest.

2. Set a Goal for your Emails

Don’t send 3 emails with the same call-to-action button hidden in a different format. Don’t try to trick your leads, they will know when you are trying to do that and they’ll get upset.

Do establish a goal for each email. For example, if your goal is to educate one lead, send him an email with the subject “Y(lead’s name), discover how can you design an amazing landing page”, displaying a call-to-action that leads him to a blog article.

3.Test and Evaluate

You can test content, subject lines, CTAs using an A/B Test.

4. Integrate Social Media

Follow your leads! Social Media gives you insights about their behavior, so you will know how to communicate with them based on past experiences.

automated email campaign plan

How to create an Automated Email Plan

1.Send Automated Reminder Emails

Based on the motivations of shopping cart abandonment, focus on sending personalized reminders to your customers:

  • buyers who left because they had problems with the internet connection or didn’t have access to a credit card; “There are still products in your shopping cart!”
  • buyers who quit during the check-out process: offer them a free shipping coupon
  • send a warning to the customers that added in their shopping cart products that may sell out( use the principle of scarcity to persuade them to convert)

2. Personalize their Return Visit

  • shorten the duration of the offer( time pressure)
  • design a great coupon: test the effect of a different placement, copy, layout
  • be consistent with your message

3. Measure

Track your abandonment rate constantly in order to know what you did well or what was wrong with your automated email campaign.

Do you want to use your assets at its best?Automated Emails is one valuable asset that you should consider to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate.

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