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Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Generate Profit with a Strong Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Do you have a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy for your business? Or are you just running test and hope to improve your metric results?

The most valuable characteristic of a strategy is that is long term orientated, a repeatable process that will take you back on your path to achieve the business goals when your tactical actions fail. As far as the Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy is concerned, you may know that there are two types of conversions:

  • micro-conversions(on-page actions like form submissions)
  • macro-conversions(revenue drivers for your business like e-commerce sales)

Find out how can you transform micro to macro from one of our previous articles on the blog.


No matter if it’s a micro or macro-conversion, you should consider the following aspects when you create a CRO Strategy:

  1. Addess valuable proposals to your customers. Is what you offer useful for them? Do they benefit from it?
  2. Make sure your offer is clear
  3. Match your expectations with your visitors’ expectations
  4. Eliminate the distractions:keep relevant information and design elements that help users to get to the Cart Page or to the Landing Page
  5. Use scarcity: the urgency will persuade your visitors to take immediate action
  6. Make sure your website is easy to use(ussability testing) and doesn’t create uncertainty in users’ mind

The main 3 aspects that you have to take into consideration when you work at a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy are:

  • Web Design
  • Persuasion
  • Scientific Methods(to measure, interepret and analyze)

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy is not just about testing what the effect of changing the color or placement of a button is. It depends on your business. The Best Practices Guides and other tactics for conversion rate growth don’t apply to all of the websites. A strategy will help you to understand your visitors’ purchase intention and your customers’ behavior. So, after running tests don’t just appreciate the metric results as a huge quantity of statistics, but try to interpret them according to your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy.

CRO Strategy

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A test should does not just generate numbers, but insights that gives you new hypotheses to test in order to achieve business goals. So, align your CRO Strategy with your business goals and when you feel like you’re losing your way, remember to go back to the goals; it will help you to focus the efforts on what really matters for your business. Don’t lose hope if one of your actions leads to metric results that doesn’t satisfy you; as long as you analyze all the variables and you understand your visitors and customers, you will be able to generate profit for your business.




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