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How to grow your website with Hotjar & Omniconvert

A/B testing + heat maps + session recordings = incredible combo

The industry of conversion rate optimization is changing a lot. There are more and more marketers realizing that they should go more granular into the details that are affecting their overall performance.

We can group the optimization methodologies into 3 main categories:

A.“Some optimization methodology”


B. Standard optimization methodology


This methodology helps a lot, the only problem is that you can analyze the impact of your A/B tests only with quantitative data.
What if you could do A/B testing and see individual heat maps and session recordings for the control and the variations. Well, now it’s possible: Omniconvert is directly integrated with Hotjar, so you can now get easier to next methodology:

C. Advanced optimization methodology


How this is actually working?

1. Enable Hotjar integration in Omniconvert
2. Launch the A/B test in Omniconvert
3. You go to your Hotjar account and create a new heat map/session recording
4. When you get to the step “Enter Page Url” you select the trigger to be based on a Javascript Snippet and in the field you should just enter “Omniconvert_ExperimentId_VariationId”. This works only for Plus, Business or Agency Hotjar accounts.

For more details, you can always go to our help section.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Enjoy this integration and may your results exceed even your wildest dreams!

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  1. Hi Ioana. Thanks for your Insight on hotjar. My company has actually just implemented hotjar not too long ago. Now we look back and laugh, and wonder how we ever lived without it. Truly amazing to get a perspective of how your visitors browse around your website, where they move their mouse (what interests them and what doesn’t). Without hotjar or similar tools we would have no idea. In my opinion, heatmaps are the way to go if you’re looking to optimize your on-site conversion. Thanks again for your post I really appreciate your Insight and I look forward to your upcoming posts.

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