Your Online eCommerce store wouldn’t mind being upgraded once in a while. To be fair, missing out on crucial updates and not trying to improve your eCommerce will affect your sales negatively in the long term, there’s no denying that. 

So how can I improve my eCommerce marketing in order to increase eCommerce sales?, you ask. There’s plenty to be done and all solutions proposed by this article have held up their own among years of carefully calculated product marketing. If your sales gather the tendency to slow down or get stagnant after a while, then it may very well be time to employ some new and creative ways to market your products and services. 

The bottom line here is to focus on your existing customer base, rather than going to extreme lengths with your budget to find new customers. Retaining a customer is always cheaper than acquiring new ones. 

Make you new visitors feel safe on your website

Your online store must feel safe and have some kind of security warranty to increase conversion rates. Customers won’t enter their personal information and their credit card numbers just about anywhere they see a big SALE sign. Au contraire. It could raise suspicion. As such, using customer testimonials is great, too, for trust points. If you want to improve these testimonials, why not add a photograph to them? 

After all these are set in stone, it’s only then you should start  focusing on offering lots of other promotions, boons and loyalty / holiday rewards during special times of the year, so you can  improve sales. If your store isn’t first of all considered trusted, any special offer could end up being wasted and carts could be abandoned.  

Target your existing customers 

When sales start to dwindle, many store owners think to themselves: I’m probably not getting enough new customers. What should they think about instead is What more can I do to stimulate my existing customers to place new orders? In other words, you have to start thinking in terms of targeting your existing customers and not acquiring new ones, simply because retaining a customer is always done cheaper than investing to attain new ones. 

This is a very common misconception, so instead of focusing all your budget on wrong return on investment paths, you should rather consider starting to improve your customer retention.

When running an eCommerce sales store, customer reports are crucial. You always need to know who your customers are and in what social media environment they are easier to target. You need to know how to behave along your sales funnel, how much they are willing to spend and how often they actually spend on your products and services. You have to track repeat customers most of all. This way, you won’t be losing any more time and money. 

Targeting existing customers makes a lot of sense because they are already familiar with your brand’s product and services, they already have a know-how, so simply start improving on their knowledge and loyalty with customer retention strategies that target your existing customers. A customer loyalty program that gives people an incentive to spend more money, a customized Thank you for your purchase! message, tending to proper mobile platform optimization and sending new offers via digital marketing (emails and SMS), all do their part in keeping your existing customers happy and giving them an incentive to spend more money each time they shop.

If you want to understand your customer segmentation, you often have to use a plugin like Customer Segment Builder alongside the Shopify reports to get to the kind of insights that you need. Extracting the soulmate customers from your database will enable the creation of lookalikes audiences and remarketing campaigns that will definitely increase your marketing performance.

Improve trust within your funnel 

How your funnel feels like, how your customer journey is built and what kind of customer experience you can offer determines managing a successful conversion. When someone is on the prowl, looking to buy stuff from your online eCommerce shop, their customer journey looks like this:

  • Visiting the shop using your URL
  • Viewing product pages
  • Viewing the checkout options
  • Going through the checkout process

This journey is also known as the funnel that potential customers have to go through before an actual conversion takes place. If you can increase the level of trust that people have for each stage of the funnel, you’ll be able to improve conversions and online sales.

To boost eCommerce sales on a product page, you should include trustable reviews of the product that is being marketed. User reviews and testimonials are also an excellent way of boosting trust. If you can, add photos to the testimonials, so they feel less randomly generated. Also, another useful step would be to get a live chat extension for your online store.

Regarding the site as a whole, it is highly recommended that you also use Trust Badges (offered by Certified Internet Security Experts). Try placing them where they have the most impact, namely during the last funnel stage, the shopping cart checkout process, to further certify your product’s quality.

Your online store must feel safe and have a security warranty, or else customers won’t enter their personal information and their credit card numbers and your business will seem sketchy. 

The best trust badge is considered to be the Norton Antivirus one. 


We can talk about the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out effect) only if we first talk about Scarcity.  Scarcity means psychologically taking advantage of the limited nature of resources and the unlimited needs that customers function by. In the supply and demand economy, each and every resource manifests under the condition of scarcity. Out of these resources, time and money are the best examples of scarcity, commonly employed by online store owners for the betterment of the conversions. 

Time and money being scarce means that they can be used to induce the FOMO effect for the benefit of both your company and your customers. If customers are greeted by messages like Our Promotion Ends in 3 Days or Our Sale Saves You Money, they’ll be greatly motivated to make the purchase and convert instantly, due to the fear of missing out. As such, the fear of missing out takes both types of scarcity into account. 

Holiday offers 

Holiday offers are almost a no brainer, yet not enough eCommerce sites owners truly try to benefit from these types of conversion incentives. Yet if you’re worried about your overall profit lacking use Holiday marketing strategies. Create on-sale special prices.

It works wonders especially during holidays, special events are the time of the year when people are looking to shop and online shop traffic gets a huge boost. Customers tend to spend more money during holidays than on regular days of the year.

Promoting holiday sales and taking advantage of the small windows of opportunity to get massive sales should always be considered for boosting the sales of your online store.

More payment options 

Another important aspect regarding the customer journey and avoiding cart abandonment is giving people different and varied options to pay for the products and services they desire to purchase from your online eCommerce store.

Most stores only accept Visa and MasterCard, thus making lots of potential customers abandon their cart and never look back on your store ever again. To have the capability to also accept debit cards in addition to credit cards will also net you a higher store revenue.

And, of course, never forget to add the option of paying through PayPal. PayPal is considered to be  the most trusted planetary online payment service and will probably be so for a long time.

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Use data analysis & segment your customers 

Let’s get back to keeping track of your customer segments, the most important lesson to be learned here. Customer analytics can help you better understand your ideal customer profile, as well as the buying patterns and the barriers your customers need to overcome to surface out at the other side of the funnel happily converted. Moreover, using the power of customer data gives you a true perspective on your online eCommerce store overall performance and will help you increase online sales for your eCommerce platform. 

To do so, Omniconvert’s Reveal is a great tool for your eCommerce store, being able to help you in this regard and doing so much more, beyond. 

Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization Platform (CVO) that can help Shopify store owners to monitor their customer segments and adapt their marketing actions based on the customers’ behavior. Focusing on the right data and making the most out of your actionable research should become your second nature for your online store to be successful. Reveal helps by offering vital information about your best customers by automatically segmenting them using the RFM analysis. Store owners will be able to monitor: 

  • Their NPS Score
  • Their CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Precise Cohort Analysis
  • Their Average Retention Rate 
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