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How to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate [Webinar]

Conversion rate optimization is the most effective marketing tactic to increase your ecommerce business revenues due to its ability to create a unique and personalized on site experience for your visitors.

If you look up the internet, you’ll find out tons of advice and best practices for ecommerce conversion rate optimization. But from this big pile of information, how do you know what is suited for your business and marketing plan?

Our next webinar will answer this question and make things easier. You will discover how to actually increase conversion rate, how to make customers happy and what drives them to act.

Valentin Radu, CEO @Omniconvert, will share his experience and show you useful examples, applied CRO ideas and how to create the best version of your website, according to customers needs.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • How to analyze and segment your current website traffic
  • The difference between quantitative and qualitative data
  • How to identify customers problems and the best way to treat them
  • Fresh ecommerce conversion rate optimization ideas
  • How to use weather conditions to create a personalized experience


Monday, 26th October

9 pm – BST 

10 pm – CEST

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