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According to Moosend, 76.9% of online shopping orders don’t make it to the finish line, with the automotive industry taking the biggest hit at 96.88% abandonment rate. 

In the realm of digital products, the two reasons that digital shopping doesn’t convert into a purchase is the high shipping costs and discount codes that don’t work. Then, there’s the reality of consumers putting off the purchase for several reasons such as waiting for more funds, looking for more information or reviews, etc. 

Have you seen your share of carts abandoned in your e-commerce business? 

Don’t let this discourage you from pushing forward. In fact, use those unfulfilled transactions as an excuse to reach out and build a relationship or, in the case of an existing customer, a way to work on customer retention to ensure success. 

This is where abandoned cart emails come into play. Crafting them is an effective way to ensure that incomplete transactions become a done deal. This is especially true when the email is well-crafted and sent at the right frequency and quantity. 

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How to Make Abandoned Cart Emails Work for your Ecommerce Business

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Learning how to make abandoned cart email templates do not just entail reminding the customer to complete their purchase. There are ways in order to construct an abandoned cart email that converts marketing magic from your screen from theirs. Abandoned cart emails could be your MVP in making sure that your landing page is at its best for the customers.

1. Start With a Compelling Subject Line.

The subject line is the first thing that anyone sees in his or her email inbox. In a sea of one-liners, it is important to stand out. Simplicity is key. A subject line that is short and straightforward grabs the attention especially if your subject line’s character count is shorter than the average company email. A short subject line denotes a casual relationship or, better yet, a friendship since all formalities are gone.

A good practice when crafting an email subject line is to include one or more of the following, where appropriate: 

  • Who you are
  • Customer name for personalization purposes
  • Name or details of the product they abandoned
  • A reminder that they’re about to lose the items in their cart

The subject line should match the content and must be within the recommended 9 words and 60 characters. 

It is advisable for subject lines to not command the customer to buy. Customers already have that intent to buy. Reiterating that intent shows that you just care about their payment. This makes your business untrustworthy and uncaring. They have to still feel that you care.

This makes tone important. Imagine it as if you are just reminding a friend of something that they have forgotten. Be friendly, caring, and accommodating. You may opt to add emojis to your subject line or forego the capitalization as long as it does not steer away from your brand. 

A simple “Hey, Janet! We reserved your cart for you.” gives the image that you are the friend who was saving the cart because she had to go do an errand because you don’t want her well-chosen purchases swiped by someone else.

2. Remind how great the product is with a matching copy.

In the email body, extend your care for the customer by reminding them what it was that they abandoned was in their shopping cart. Do not just give out the name of the product. Add a product description so that they can review product specifications.

Beyond that, add an interesting copy in order to persuade and continue to seal the deal. You may opt to use the copy on your shop page in order to induce memory recall given if the customer has read it on the page. Another way is to create a personalized copy to focus on the concept of what the customer may be missing.

Check out this compelling copy from Whisky Loot. 

How can anyone not close the deal given such convincing reasons? 

One more option is to add customer reviews. Let your product’s quality or performance shine through the written word of real people who have tried and loved your products. More authenticity makes your business more reliable and trustworthy rather than just be another sales-y brand.

3. Make sure that high-quality images decorate the email.

Make that email pop with stunning visuals. Keep their attention with images that depict points of interest. Your top priority is to add a beautiful product image. You may opt to have it against a crisp solid color background. Another option is to add a photo of the product in an environment it is best suited for use. 

For example, headphones may look great in a solid color background or in a business setup. It shows the intricate details of the product. The idea of having that sense of business professionalism suggests customer want. Adding other products in the image may also entice the customer to not just continue to buy the headphones but the other products as well.

With that, knowing how to make abandoned cart emails that stand out does not just complete the sales funnel but also gives you more opportunity to sell more products and create more ways to make more money online.

4. Create a sense of urgency.

Capitalize on that fear of missing out by giving deadlines. A great example is to inform the customer that you are indeed reserving their abandoned cart but only for the next 24 hours. After that, you will be releasing the products back to the shop. 

The fastest way to create real urgency within your email campaigns is by having an email marketing expert on your team. Nothing can replace benefit driven urgency emails for driving more abandon cart sales.

Another way of creating urgency is to let them know how much stock you have left. For example, let them know that you only have three pieces left of Product A. Back this up with an indicator at the shopping cart page of your online shop. This feature is a good thing to consider when choosing what e-commerce platform you will use to build your shop.

Here’s a great example from Google Store. 

You may also add a sense of urgency by stating that the price will differ after a certain time. This is especially effective when the customer added the product to the shopping cart when it was on sale. In addition, you may indicate that it will return to its regular price after 24 hours. Add the last blow by informing how much of a price difference will it entail e.g. $70 savings.

5. Do not forget your Call to Action.

Make life easier for the customer by adding a button that redirects them to the shop. Refrain from using the words “buy” or “purchase” as your button text. It is best to give them options and freedom to take further actions. 

You may use the phrases “Review your choices” or “Return to cart”. It becomes convenient to the consumer because you give them the opportunity to pick up from where they left off then do everything all over again. It also gives them the freedom to add more items to their cart if they so wish.

Below are a couple of examples from BarkBox and Chubbies. 

One very important thing to make sure is that the embed code of the button works properly and directs to the intended page in your shop. Nothing turns a customer off than clicking a button or a link only to be redirected to a broken or sloppily designed page. Having a well-designed web page works wonders to your business no matter how big or small. 

6. Opt to give discounts or incentives.

Everybody likes a freebie. Offer limited-time price reductions with a special promo code. You may also give an option to purchase in bulk for a discount like “grab three and take one free.” Promote options for your business to generate quicker inventory turnovers.

Giving incentives is a great tool for customer retention. Customers like value for money. Lessen their cost by providing free shipping on their purchase.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce other aspects of your sales funnel. Show options of other products that they may purchase at an add-on discounted price or as a bundle.  A great example is bundling a special webinar on vlogging when they purchase the camera that they abandoned in their shopping cart. They aren’t very difficult to create, set up, and host. You just need to make sure you are using the right webinar software that makes sense for your business.

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7. Provide alternatives.

The whole point of learning how to make shopping cart abandonment emails is to keep the customer interested and to prevent them from going to our competitors. This makes customer retention essential. Cover all the bases in the email by answering all possible reasons as to why they did not proceed to checkout.

You may have already provided discounts. Your images and copy gave a real sense of longing for your product. A convenient CTA made life easier for them to get back on track. In the end, perhaps the customer is still not sure of the product. Provide alternative answers to that concern.

For instance, headphones with noise cancellation and surround sound seem like a great deal yet they still feel unsure. Provide an alternative by showing a different headphone in your collection with all those features but also dual connectivity options. The alternative is available wired or not. This seems like a greater option and the customer may decide to purchase that one instead.

The result is you were still able to satisfy the customer’s needs and at the same time providing reliability. You become their choice as a one-stop shop.

Check out this sample email from Massdrop. 

8. Know when to stop sending follow-up emails

If you want to maintain a long-term connection with consumers, you should know when to give up. People abandon carts for a lot of reasons. Keep bothering them, and you’re going to lose them in the process. 

So keep abandoned cart emails to 2 follow-ups. If they respond in any way or form, then you have their consent to continue. Otherwise, send a third email, asking them to sign up to your newsletter instead. Tell them how they can benefit from staying updated with your products and services. 

Another case is when your product has a higher tier price point. Oftentimes following up by only email is not going to be the most effective way to actually drive the sale. Using a tool that allows you to create and send contracts, proposals, and documents can also work as a follow up method. This way the potential customer can see all the details and benefits about what they are looking to purchase.

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The sales funnel is more like a marathon than a race with a lot of levels and twists and turns. Learning how to make abandoned cart emails is a way to ensure that your customers reach the finish line. This is also a way to deepen your connection with our consumers.

By giving the customers the impression that they are always in your mind also plants your business in theirs. The essence of customer retention is at the core of building relationships – give and take. Abandoned cart emails are like throwing a lasso in order that they stay in your line of sight. Showing that you can cater to their needs in many ways warrants their attention and loyalty.

Author Bio:

Hanson Cheng is the founder of Freedom to Ascend. He empowers online entrepreneurs and business owners to 10x their business and become financially independent. You can connect with him here.