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How to optimize your product page

In the land of ecommerce product pages are fighting for the customers’ attention.  Although their weapons are similar, features like images or product descriptions, each page has a different strategy to win the battle.

Find out how can you give an identity to your product page, so it can be more useful and appealing for your customers.

Use large images

Photos do play a critical role on a product page, because the customers simply cannot touch it, feel its texture, see its size and so on. So, high-quality images that also give users the opportunity to zoom it only by moving the slider will give the impression that the product is right in font of them. To emphasize this impression, use multiple images from different angles, so the user won’t just see the front of the product. You can win the trust of your customers by paying attention to the details.

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Photo source: Net-a-porter

Product description

Don’t just use the producer’s cold description of the product. You have the opportunity to give life to your products or at least to be more persuasive using a great copy. Be creative, but don’t forget to give all the information concerning the key features for the customer and to emphasize the benefits. You are aware that insufficient information will lead your users to other places where they can find it. Very possible that they will buy from there and from you.

Stock information

You have great products with great descriptions on your page. What about their availability? How would it be if a woman finds the perfect pair of red shoes on your page, but you forgot to mention that it’s out of stock. She will never come back to you because you ruined her day.

User reviews

We have already seen how important is social proof in ecommerce. User reviews reassure customers that others who have bought the product where satisfied with their purchase. According to a study of Search Engine Land in 2012, 72% of online consumers said that they trust online reviews as a personal recommendation.

Delivery and returns policy

The customer is more likely to trust you if the information concerning the delivery or the returns policy are clear and prominently displayed.  If you have free delivery, let the customers know that; display it on the product page. This is available for any competitive service of your offer.

According to comScore, online consumers don’t finish their purchase because of the difficulties to make changes concerning the delivery(e.g.: date, re-route )

Delivery on product pages


In ecommerce, call-to-action buttons have to lead customers to a specific page; so, you have to be very clear in order to guide the customers to the next step. There is no certain answer about what button works the best, but you can test different colors, wording, size with an A/B test.

All these being said, have you checked your list with features to implement and improve on the product page?

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