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3 Reasons International Ecommerce Day 2016 Will Transform Your Business [Updated]

Attending events is an essential part of anyone’s professional education.


Education provides “new glasses” for people to wear, new ways to see things and to create something new from nothing. Education empowers you to be creative and develop yourself. When you attend events, you give yourself a chance to learn.

I think that we, marketers, should be wise when we invest time in our education.

Let me explain.

Bad marketing is killing your happiness.

There are too many companies who struggle to improve their marketing. But they waste a huge part of their budget in acquiring customers and little on converting them.

The lack of budget for conversion optimization is the third most common challenge people faced in 2015. It’s the conclusion of Econsultancy report for the Conversion Rate Optimization industry.

Lack of budget

Other shocking stats from the same report showed that companies spend 92$ on acquiring customers, but only 1$ on converting them.

Companies have started to improve their conversion rates in the last two years using CRO principles. Yet, only 27% of them are satisfied with their conversion rate.

As a marketer and entrepreneur, I learned that eCommerce companies do not need only traffic. They need conversions too.

To learn how to shift your focus from getting traffic to converting it, you should attend International Ecommerce Day 2016. It’s the event that my company, Omniconvert, hosts and where I have the pleasure to be the main host. In this post, I’ll show you 3 reasons why you should attend our event.

1. You will learn only what’s important for you

International Ecommerce Day 2016 is an event focused on optimization for eCommerce websites.

As ConversionXL’s recently published report shows, the conversion optimization industry is a young one. 50% of marketers have been working for less than 3 years with conversion optimization.

Since more and more brave marketers embrace optimization, there is a hunger for information. These marketers want to change their perspective and learn something new. Their first choice in their learning process is reading blogs.

The biggest mistake you could make as a beginner in conversion optimization is to believe everything you hear.

It’s tempting to see “5 A/B testing Ideas That Will Double Your Conversion Rate In A Month”. I know.

But does looking good in front of the others matter more than hurting your company’s profitability in the long term? Or risking your job?

To eliminate the risk of learning optimization wrong, I recommend you to attend our event. At International Ecommerce Day 2016, you will learn how to take your eCommerce marketing to the next level from top international speakers. They will show you the right way to approach optimization, link building, content marketing, and other marketing strategies.




As Viljo Vabrit, Managing Parter at ConversionXL and speaker at International Ecommerce Day 2016, says:



“Online success is like a highly competitive sport. To be world class and dominate your space you have to build on your strengths and eliminate weaknesses. This means constant effort to improve your website. The key question is how to identify where your website is leaking money and how to eliminate those leaks.”

I agree with him. To make sure that your website helps you achieve your goals, you need to improve it. In order to make it perform better, the best choice nowadays is to learn conversion optimization.

2. You have immediate access to thought leaders in eCommerce and optimization

In the process of learning new marketing strategies, you must be selective. Keep in mind that the time that you invest in your education is priceless. You should not waste it on something that has no effect or, worse than that, has negative effects on your work.

Here’s what thought leaders in optimization and eCommerce promise to teach you if you attend International Ecommerce Day 2016:



Chris Goward, CEO at WiderFunnel




In Chris’ session, you will learn:

  • The top ways to optimize your shoppers’ experience
  • Frameworks and processes to improve your optimization program
  • Tips to becoming a future-proof optimization champion




Dave Chaffey, CEO at Smart Insights, will show you how to choose the right technology for your business:



“As marketers today, we’re fortunate to have a huge number of free and low-cost tools to give us insight about our customers, competitors, and market. […] The challenge is there are so many tools and categories, it can be difficult to know the best tools needed in your “Marketing Stack”.”

In his session, you will learn:

  • The 30 essential categories of tools
  • Recommendations on the best free and low cost tools relevant to Ecommerce
  • Making the business case for new services
  • How to prioritise which tools are most important
  • How do develop a process to improve business using these tools

You can check out the full list of speakers at the official website of the event.

Unlike offline conferences where you need to travel and pay a lot of money for education and networking, our virtual event eliminates these pain points from the start. Here’s how:

1.It’s an online event

You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see the thought leaders in optimization speaking. From the comfort of your home or office, you will be able to listen to the people who have succeeded with optimization. They have something important to say.

We will be live for a day full of actionable keynotes.

2. Each session has a Q&A at the end

Raising questions is the best thing to do after you listen to a presentation. Being shy didn’t take anyone anywhere. My advice to you is to show that you don’t know things and ask questions.

3. You can download information during the event and post-event

Everything that you learn at the event will be recorded and then published in a text format. You will be able to get on-demand webinars and download information from our guests.

4. You have everyone’s support to succeed

We will all gather for a common purpose: to help each other be better marketers. This event offers you the chance to share your challenges with the speakers. They will give you advice on how to overcome them.

5. You get access to a tools bundle

All the attendees of the event will benefit from promotional offers to marketing tools. These tools will help you apply all the insights you get from the event.

Make sure to register at the event in time.

3. You can easily network with your peers

At the physical events, you have to visit the booths during breaks and stay in crowded places. Virtual events make networking easy

We need networking because it gives us the feeling of belonging.

For example…Has anyone shared a challenge with you in a discussion and you couldn’t wait to say “Me too!”?

That’s called empathy, an important part of what networking is all about.

It gives you the opportunity to clarify concepts and share ideas with people with similar interests. It’s the perfect opportunity to say “Me too!” and engage in a productive discussion afterward.

At the International Ecommerce Day 2016, you will be able to access the attendees with just a few clicks. Many of them are marketers and entrepreneurs. They will not bring with them only their challenges, but their knowledge too.

4. You can ask questions in a live “Ask Us Anything” session with the speakers

If there’s a session that you cannot attend, you can ask your questions regarding your eCommerce business on the community.

The “Ask Us Anything” session starts on the 12th of May at 7 AM PDT/ 10 AM EDT, but you can submit your questions anytime by then. Kunle Campbell, Chris Goward, Talia Wolf, and other experts will give you their answers on Thursday.


Finally, I’d like to add some personal thoughts. I’ve consulted many eCommerce businesses in my life and I know the drill. I know that it’s hard to stay profitable in the long term and not get burned. As the main host of the event, I promise that the keynotes will focus on giving you the best advice on staying profitable.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. Save your spot!


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