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Interview #1: Karl Philip Lund

KP Lund
Karl Phillip Lund is an interactive marketer that helps companies to create success stories. He’s been growing businesses focusing on a practical approach. Traffic growth by 137%, Facebook Fan Base growth from 2000 to over 100 000 and an amazing increase in online sales are just a few examples of what Karl Philip managed to do for Enklereliv AS as online manager for a year. But KP does more than that: he is sharing these success stories and his knowledge with his students as a teacher, with the online marketing addicts as a writer for Norwegian online magazines, with his blog followers on and with us here on Omniconvert blog.

I’ve asked KP a few questions about testing in online marketing. Here's what he has to say about it.

1. A/B testing is embraced by more and more marketers to test their ideas. Do you recommend it? Why?

KP: We A/B test almost all our marketing activities. A/B testing can be the difference between 100 and 200 million dollars in revenue if you implement it in all activities.

2. Can you remember the case that got the most outstanding growth in conversions due to an A/B Test or a combination of it with other actions?

KP: We performed an A/B test on a form in our purchasing process. This lead to a huge increase in online sales. You can find the case study here

3. Do you have a top of best A/B testing ideas?

a. Subject line testing on e-mails.
b. Trigger e-mail-testing
c. Make purchasing process improvements

4. Do you use personalization to improve the conversion rate? How?

KP: We use product recommendations based on user behavior. This means that different products are presented based on customers purchasing and browsing behavior.

5. Where to start from? What are the most important things a marketer shouldn’t miss when he starts to optimize the conversion rate?

KP: I would say: Focus on e-mail marketing. Build your list and send relevant content to your customers.

Shortly, A/B testing can grow revenues and relevant content will trigger and engage customers. 

Check out Karl Philip's presentation on social media and its power to increase sales.

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