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Is your website ready for mobile devices?

Ecommerce is redefining itself. Why is this happening? In USA, 55% of cell owners prefer to use their smartphones to go online. Spending more and more time browsing on mobile devices, people tend to use their phones for almost everything; that includes online shopping.

Taken this into consideration, website owners should redesign their strategies in order to keep up with the rhythm of the changes on the market. It means that your first move should focus on the website design.

Mobile Devices share of online sales

As far as mobile devices are concerned, the two most important are tablets and phones. eMarketer is predicting that, this year, 62,5% of mobile-commerce sales will be covered by tablets. The rest of the online purchases will come from smartphones users.

Making your website look beautiful on mobile devices is not enough… it would be nice to make it work. The functionality is important because people share links on their mobile devices. You wouldn’t like to miss the opportunity of other potential customers who find out about your business from the others.

Reminder: Social has great influence on Search. Do not underestimate its power.

Now, let’s talk about personalization. You can deliver relevant information for your website visitors and customers using segmentation. Don’t stop to the standard segments: use advanced segments so you can make your users’ experience on the website unique.

You can test different versions of your website on the mobile devices and see which one converts more. Or you can just use multiple versions based on segmentation. ANP (Advanced Network Products), for example, a company that provides IT Consulting for small and medium sized businesses is a great example of personalisation. They are giving their users the opportunity to choose whether they want to find more technical information or just basics. More exactly, if you’re a business owner you may not be interested to read information that doesn’t help you to be a good manager. On the other hand, an IT Specialist is looking for details and solutions for its specific problems concerning technical aspects.

Personalization on mobile

People use their mobile phones for so many different goals to accomplish, from working to finding a nice place to eat and so on. So, we may say that all of these people are having a close relationship with their phones.

That’s why, you should pay attention to this trend and redefine your strategy. Whether your goals concern getting more leads or increasing sales, mobile devices will become stronger than desktops. Just think about you getting home after spending a day making research and using a desktop to accomplish it. Are you able to keep your eyes focused for another few hours on a desktop?

Care about your customers and understand how their way of living is changing day after day. Don’t be satisfied with what you have right now, but look for opportunities to offer the best results to your customers. They are the ones that will keep your business alive.

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  1. Hi Elena, yes you are right about your post. It’s good that your website can be ready for mobile devices for they can open it anywhere and everywhere!! This post may help others to develop their sites in mobile. 😉

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