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Live critique webinar for eCommerce websites

Let’s face it: almost all of us (especially when we are still in our youth) are blind to our little weird habits that might annoy the hell out of our colleagues, friends or family.

And unless a good Samaritan has the courage to gently tell us, we continue to stumble in the dark and wonder “what did I do wrong?”

The same thing happens with our work. If it’s something we created, be it a drawing, a logo, a blog post or an entire website design, we have much difficulty seeing what’s off and might need improving.

That’s why we need other, preferably competent, people to have a look at us and our work. So we can see the “blind spots” and get better.

Usually, this type of consultation costs a lot of money and it’s worth every dollar. And sometimes you have the chance to get a free website critique.

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Have your eCommerce website audited during a live webinar

On April 4th, 2017 you have a rare opportunity to receive a live website critique from Valentin Radu, our CEO at Omniconvert.

During the 40′ webinar, Valentin will analyze five websites.

If you’re among the lucky five, you’ll get your own free website critique. If not, you’ll still get huge value from watching other websites being analyzed.

The webinar will be focused on three main directions:

– do’s and don’ts on your eCommerce website

– how to tailor your content and the one trick that will make your website feel more human

– real website critique and tips on what to improve


Tuesday – April 4th 2017


10 AM EDT 


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Stay tuned for more similar events on our conversion rate optimization blog!


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