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Magento 2: The best e-commerce platform for Printers

“It is easy to achieve success; it is difficult to maintain it”. This quote applies to all the businesses that are competing in an open market. Consistency is a virtue that is valued over anything in a business and maybe that is the reason when B2C businesses talk about e-commerce platforms, Magento commerce is amongst the Top of Minds of the majority of them.

For instance, 26% of the top 1 million websites on the Internet are using Magento as their online designing solutions provider. Not only that, but Magento has also held the top position on the internet Retailer 1000 list for four years in a row now. (Source) Thus, it is safe to say that if you aim to become the best in the Print Commerce business, Magento 2 is an ideal e-commerce platform for your online Web2Print store. 

Magento 2 for Print Commerce

Apart from that, the reason why Magento is preferred by so many Print Commerce businesses is because it provides the widest range of customization options with over 5900 extensions available at the Magento marketplace! Magento also focuses on a high level of usability and provides enhanced functionality for mobile devices along with easy customer segmentation. 

Because of such amazing functionalities, merchants that use Magento product designer grow three times faster because of the increased customers’ visits. And as far as the ROI is concerned, Magento itself claims that their customer’s investment in Magento 2 can be recovered in just 5.2 months. Thus to summarise it all, as a Print Commerce business, you get the best customization options, you get higher customer visits and you get a quicker return on investment! What else does a business need? Well, apart from this, there are many other benefits that Print Commerce businesses can gain by employing Magento web to print for their e-commerce platform that we have mentioned below:

Benefits of employing Magento 2 product designer for your Web2Print business

Higher Customer Visits and lower Bounce Rate

With extensions like Google Ads Channel and Amazon Sales Channel, designers can easily create design templates and list them on Amazon and Google directly from the Magento 2 platform. While these campaigns can help you gain increased customer visits, there are other extensions of Rich Media, Product Content and specialized features like Full Page Caching ensures that your customers stay on your page and find the right product at the right place. 

With Rich Media options, businesses can upload high-quality images and with Full Page Caching, the bounce rate of the page reduces to a couple of seconds! Apart from that, to encourage Brand Recall and Brand Loyalty, Magento 2 also allows the revolutionary Progressive Web Application studio through which you can encourage users to download your website as a Web Application and via amazing features like Offline Loading and Push Notifications, you can encourage users to stay loyal to your business.

Least possible Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate 

For those Print Commerce businesses who are already working on Magento 1 versions, they know that many customers face problems in checkout due to lengthy processes and that result in higher Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate. With Magento 2, businesses can now streamline their checkout process and reduce the previously lengthy Checkout process to a mere two-step checkout process. For the repeat customers, Magento 2 now has the Instant Purchase functionality where previous customers can skip a few checkout steps with the use of stored checkout details like address and payment credentials and place orders easier and faster.

For those who are not on Magento, as a Print Commerce Business you not only get the above mentioned streamlined Checkout process with Magento 2, but you can also integrate Magento’s various marketing automation extensions and cross-selling functionalities to reduce the Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate to the minimum.

Delightful User Experience

Whether your visitors are just guest visitors or registered buyers, Magento 2 now caters personalized Shopping experiences to all kinds of users. For guest users, Magento 2 does real-time activity scanning of Browse History, products in the shopping cart and price value of items in the shopping cart and based on that, the platform provides personalized product offerings even to the Guest visitors. And if the customer is registered, even more information can be extracted from previous encounters and better product offerings can be made. Apart from that, Magento 2 has a customized Page Builder using which; Print businesses can easily customize their offerings based on their audience preferences directly from the Magento 2 product designer and thus, deliver a delightful user experience to all kinds of users. 

Informed Decision Making

When you use Magento printing for your Print Business, you get an intuitive dashboard that gives you a detailed business scenario in just a few clicks. Right from most viewed products to most purchased product and product segmentation options like products with the highest margin or newest additions, many other reports can be generated and viewed easily in Magento commerce. With such data, print solutions can easily design their marketing campaigns and plan their next product designs to gain an optimum return on their campaigns by making informed decisions.

Advanced Search options

The biggest problem of Design industry and Printers is that there are very few standard product offerings. Many printers have a wide range of product categories and as a part of Brand Personalisation; many organizations also tend to create unique product categories in their business. While unique product names and offerings give Printers product differentiation opportunities, such names can also be the reason for failed/incorrect search results due to misspellings.

But if you are using Magento web to print, the platform comes with Magento’s Elasticsearch technology. Thus, when a customer starts a search query, they get predictions with stop words and with misspellings, Elasticsearch offers product suggestions. Thus, with such search functionalities, Magento 2 increases search relevancy and thus empowers websites with better conversions.


As mentioned earlier, “It is easy to achieve success; it is difficult to maintain it”. In Print Commerce Business where the competition is higher and there are frequent changes in market trends, businesses who wish to stay on top in the market must evolve constantly with evolving customer expectations. And to stay on top of the minds of your customers, you must move forward with the best possible Web2Print solution and e-commerce platform i.e. Magento 2 web to print.

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Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of Design’N’Buy comes with a huge experience in Web to print solutions & IT. With a mission to deliver the best and innovate new ideas in w2p he and his team always deliver challenging and exciting results. Delivering the best and with utmost perfection has always been his life’s motto.

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