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Omniconvert’s survey feature: get valuable insights on your customers and qualified leads

One of the first rules we learn in marketing is to know and understand the consumers’ behavior. This goes for any company who is interested in building a sustainable and profitable business, no matter its domain.

Along with surveys, there are several ways to investigate your customer, such as click tracking, A/B Testing, purchase history, etc. Sometimes, marketers tend to focus more on the study of how consumers use products and services and neglect the way they are purchased.

Practical Ecommerce draws a line of 10 tools that help you create and distribute polls and surveys. There are survey platforms that provide a wide range of question types, branching, reports, real-time results, and a variety of additional features.

Omniconvert has a survey feature that will generate valuable information and insights about your customers that will give you the basic data to use for further A/B Testing and Web Personalization experiments.

What makes our survey tool special and different from our competitors’ is its advanced features:

 1. Segmentation

In each business, you will see that there is a certain group of customers that converts more and another group that leaves your website without buying. With this survey feature, you have the ability to segment the invited audience (more than 25 types of segments: traffic source -URL, UTM parameters, landing page, device -desktop/mobil/tablet, customer lifetime value, average order value, behavior, time on the website on the current session, keywords- available only if the traffic source is AdWords, even weather conditions) and address two different surveys to find out what drives your customers to buy from your website and what’s their opinion regarding their on-site experience and what makes them leave.

2. A wide range of question types

The Omniconvert survey tool allows you to choose several question types:

  • Small text answer


  • Large text answer


  • Multiple choice


  • Unique choice


  • Scale


  • Grid


3. Branching logic

Branching logic is a very useful feature of the Omniconvert Survey tool that helps you design a complex path for your respondent. According to the given answer, you can guide the respondent on a specific journey, by setting up which question to display next or even end the survey.


4. Show-up trigger

Using our tool, you can choose to trigger the survey invitation anytime on a visitors’ path:

  • when page is loaded
  • on-exit detection
  • on scroll x % of the page


Using an “on-exit detection”, you can address a survey and find out what your visitor thinks about you, after placing an order and how likely is for him to recommend you to his friends and family:


5. Lead capturing system

If you want to get leads from the respondents at the end of your surveys, you just have to select this option from the app’s dashboard and “Enable” it:


Having this lead capturing system with web hooks, the collected leads can go to an autoresponder list. This makes it easier for you to address personalized messages to your actual and future customers, based on their answers. You can manually select which information to be sent:



6. Personalization

Based on the answers, you can display an interaction, such as a hidden promotion or voucher code. Give your respondents a reward for the time they’ve spent answering your survey, and they will be happier and more willing to colaborate with you for further purchase.

7. Scheduling

One of the last steps in the configuration a survey with Omniconvert is to schedule it according to your interests. You can set the period when this survey will be available, include/exclude days and hours. Also, you can get an e-mail notification when the survey stops.


8. Reporting

Every survey comes with a very detailed reporting system. In a surveys’ report, you can see useful information ( surveys view, response rate, numbers of respondents, the average duration) that will help you analyse data and make connections for a better understanding of the phenomenon.


In case you have used one-answer questions, you can filter your respondents according to a specific answer. For example, you can see the answer of respondents with certain age or from a specific location.

Furthermore, for open answers, you can see which are the most frequent words used automatically, without checking each answer manually.


Also, you can download the full answers of your respondents in a .html format.

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