Company and Product Updates

New in Omniconvert: August edition

Is anybody out there?

We hope so because we are lining up all our ducks in a row [err, our features] and we are starting to communicate them to all you optimizers out there.

August was a good month for reflection. And we’ve been reflecting on the fact that we haven’t been talking much to the CRO community. [Shame!]

Following an old Chinese say:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We start now.

Update #1 – GDPR pop-up (can’t live with it, can’t live without)

To use it click on the website name → from the drop-down → select “User privacy settings (GDPR)

GDPR is here to stay. It’s hard on everyone so we thought: Let’s help a brother out.

The feature called User privacy settings takes the GDPR consent burden off your shoulders by ensuring you are compliant before running your web personalization experiments (safety first, right?).

Enable the feature and you can either be the one requesting the consent or you can allow us to request the consent on your behalf.


Update #2 – New segment “Visitors from EU”

To use it go to Advanced → Segments → New segment

Let’s say you want to run an A/B Test, an overlay or an online survey only in non-EU countries.

In order to avoid a “click frenzy” and exclude all European countries one by one (all 28 of them), we aggregated all countries in an additional segment called Visitors from EU.

This way, you can easily then choose Rule Type “Exclude” and segment “Visitors from EU” when creating a new segment as shown above.


Update #3. Page load for A/B Test and Personalization

After talking to our users and observing our dev team as well, we noticed that the editor loading page for A/B Testing and Personalization was interfering with the experiment settings buttons making it hard to access it during page load.

We heard you so we resized it so that you can now easily navigate to the next steps while the page is loading in the background.

Update #4. OmniTool Extension

To use it, go to Support Center → OmniTool Extension → Choose browser → Follow the instructions provided in the extension overview

You probably made changes to one of your experiments and noticed that it took around 5 mins until those changes were visible on your website.

We don’t like to lose time and we are guessing neither do you so we reduced waiting time through OmniTool extension.

The extension needs to be installed in your browser. Once installed you can:

Switch on “Bypass” to eliminate waiting time and see the updates in real time.
Switch on “Block” to disable our tracking code and navigate the original (Control) version of your website.


Update #5. Better HTML editor for developers

Nobody enjoys being told they’re wrong. But sometimes spotting small errors can save us precious time which we can dedicate to something else. Like coffee!

[Caution! technical explanation coming through]

Whether you or your developer uses any of the code editors mentioned below on any of these experiments:

  • Advanced CSS – for surveys design
  • Global CSS, Global JS – for A/B Testing
  • Code, Style CSS – for A/B Testing (in the Variation menu)

The code editor has been updated to help you easily spot syntax errors, syntax highlighting, and checks code against coding standards. It provides support for languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Update #6. New RFM segments for Magento

Well, that’s actually THE MOST important update we have. But we don’t want to reveal everything about it, yet. Fact is, if you run on Magento, you’ll be delighted with an outstanding segmentation power.

Intrigued? Take a look at what we’re cooking.

That being said, congrats on making it through this small reading marathon!

Till next time, happy experimenting!