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Omniconvert empowers you to decide the future of your CRO tool

The time to announce that Marketizator becomes Omniconvert on our blog has come.

If you haven’t heard from our social channels or from the press, Omniconvert (former Marketizator) launched the first democratic CRO platform, where users can decide the future of their website optimization software.

The rebrand of Omniconvert means that users are now capable of voting for new features that enable higher conversions rates, maximizing revenue and improving user experience.

Another reason for changing our name is the difficulty of our users in pronouncing the old name. Here’s a short video that explains it all:

Also, here’s what our CEO declared for the press:


Valentin Radu Omniconvert

“We started this quest 3 years ago. Back then, as a marketing director, I was frustrated because I was not able to increase the conversion rate of my former website. Since the very beginning, our mission was to create the world’s first integrated conversion optimization platform. We’ve developed a robust solution that empowers marketers to run surveys, A/B testing, and web personalization.”

“Today, we’ve reached our limit. We simply can’t decide where the product should go next because there are too many options.That’s why, during a product meeting, we decided to not limit only to asking our users what they wanted but all the marketers in the world.  Here we are now: ready to build the world’s first democratic driven SaaS. It’s gonna be fun!”

To launch the product, our team decided to do the following actions:

  • Make the roadmap transparent

It was an idea that came during a product meeting where our company’s CEO and the product team found out that users were not so satisfied with their current conversion optimization tools. The finding is based on a competitive analysis conducted internally and is presented in a previous article on our blog.

  • Make the voting for new features interactive

Our team’s members are fans of specific features that are right now available for voting. For example, I chose Heat Maps because they’re valuable in the research process of any optimization campaign.

Heat Maps Gif

Other examples are “Multi-variate Testing”, “Bayesian statistics” or “A/B testing plugin for Chrome”.

A/B testing plugin for chrome

Vote your favorite CRO feature!

  • Install a camera in the dev team’s office

We thought we could make everything transparent by installing a camera where the magic happens, so everyone could take an inside look into the process of creating a democratic CRO software. We’re still brainstorming ideas about how to engage users in the development process. If you want to drop an idea, just let me know in the comments.

Take a look at what’s happening right now in our office.

What’s next?

We have a lot of great projects, including supporting our colleague Alex Golub who is launching the first community for conversion optimization pros at CROmmunity. You can register to get beta access to the platform here.




The second big project is our greatest event, International Ecommerce Day, which is in its second edition this year. We have the honor to present to you speakers like Rand Fishkin, Brian Massey or Sam Mallikarjunan who will show you how to succeed at increasing your business’ revenue.

The “bold move”, as Stewart Rogers calls it in his story on Venture Beat about the rebrand of Ominconvert, is only the first step. Stay tuned for more awesomeness and check out the roadmap.

Be part of building the first CRO software in the world!

No one else did it before, so we have the unique chance to build something amazing together, that’s bigger than us.

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