In almost every e-ecommerce business the main focus is on the macro conversions that bring instant sales. Yet, there is another type of conversions with a high impact in time over your online business: micro conversions.

One type of micro conversion is represented by the collected leads on your website. Qualified leads are incredibly useful any e-commerce business because you can start building long term relationships with your future customers.

Easily engage visitors with on-site surveys or personalized overlays (you can do this with Omniconvert), build up emailing lists and address them in a personal way according to the profile they fit in (with Get Response). Nurture the leads and transform them into paying customers.

Until now, you’d have to manually transfer your leads into your CRM, but we’re here to help you save up precious time.

Without further ado, I want to introduce you to the Omniconvert and Get Response Integration available now for each Omniconvert plan. With this integration you can send all the leads collected with Omniconvert directly into your dedicated lists.

How does it works?

  1. Get your API key from your Get Response account
  2. Add the API key to your Omniconvert account
  3. Start sending the leads from your Omniconvert surveys or overlays to specific campaigns in Get Response
  4. Enjoy the benefits of this awesome integration.

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Find out the detailed step by step guide of how to fully take advantage of the Omniconvert and get Response integration in our help section.