You know that feeling when your favorite online shop ignores your negative feedback, right? As loyal as you were, if the customer support doesn’t solve your problem, you’re ready to leave because you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. 

You hate lack of response when you’re walking in the customer’s shoes, but you can live with it. Now think about the same scenario and get in your eCommerce business shoes. Does your business afford to lose customers like that because you lack proactive response when customers have negative feedback?

Who are your best customers? Are they happy?

Your eCommerce store is in real trouble if your churn rate goes up without you knowing what type of customers are leaving and why they’re leaving. It’s hard to find solutions when you’ve got no insights into how to fix this.

After a bit of research, you might find that many customers complain about their experience, while your customer support team is overwhelmed by the number of tickets and acts when it’s too late to change customer’s mind.

Low customer satisfaction and lack of customer support make customers lose their trust and represent real threats to your business’s health. How are you going to gain clarity and control?

There’s a way to identify and solve customer experience problems before loyal and high-potential customers become ex-customers, affecting your retention rate, brand reputation, and the company’s bottom line.

Collaborating with so many stores that came to us facing the same problem, we’ve decided to join Omniconvert’s forces with Gorgias and create a solution that will help you prevent the churn of your most valuable customers.

We’ve integrated our customer data platform Omniconvert Reveal with the customer support capabilities of Gorgias to help you build a framework that allows you to prioritize customer support responses and maintain a positive customer support experience. 

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5 benefits of using Omniconvert Reveal’s integration with Gorgias

With Omniconvert Reveal, you collect customer satisfaction responses through pre and post-delivery Net Promoter Score surveys, while RFM segmentation lets you know what type of customers submitted the answer.

Based on the data captured in Omniconvert Reveal, Gorgias allows you to create a custom framework that helps your customer team prioritize responses depending on the net promoter score and the RFM segment.

The benefits of this integration reflect on multiple levels of your eCommerce store:

1. Offer real-time response from your customer support team

Real-time response keeps you away from unpleasant situations that can quickly escalate, damaging your relationship with top clients and brand reputation. 

Let’s say 50 of your most valuable customers have given you a low post-delivery NPS in the past week alone. The worst thing you can do is to ignore their complaints. It’s the shortest way to negative word-of-mouth and losing loyal, profitable customers. 

So, what do you do next to identify and solve the problems behind this low score? If you want to keep those customers close and happy, you need real-time response capabilities. 

The integration between Omniconvert Reveal and Gorgias allows you to send NPS-related tickets to your support team based on the set of conditions that best suits your business. These NPS-related tickets let your customer support colleagues know that they must prioritize and solve the problem of a loyal customer ASAP.

2. Keep customer satisfaction high

Almost all unhappy customers will leave your store without complaining directly to customer support after one or several bad experiences. You might never know the source of their dissatisfaction unless you constantly measure NPS and stay proactive whenever you’re getting low NPS scores by offering top customer support. 

The integration allows you to design the best customer support flow according to the pre and post-delivery NPS and customer type. For example, if you get scores below 6 from your power customers, you can trigger alerts to the Key Account Manager, who will personalize the approach for each customer according to their problem, needs, and preferences. 

Dissatisfied top customers won’t care about all their loyalty points and benefits, leaving you for your competitors, but happy customers are a valuable source of new customer stories.

Even after a poor customer experience, you can still save and secure your high potential and loyal customers by offering a positive customer service experience and showing they really matter to your store. 

3. Identify for threats and opportunities

The dynamic Net Promoter Score surveys allow you to ask the right follow-up questions depending on the score you receive, helping you find opportunities and threats that impact customer experience.

Mixing the RFM and NPS features with the customer service helpdesk capabilities of Gorgias allows you to identify threats before they affect customer satisfaction and lead to losing important customers.

From the pre-delivery NPS surveys, you can find what elements in the online shopping experience almost made them abandon your site or their carts. From the post-delivery NPS answers, you can find anomalies among certain items, brands, categories, problems in the delivery system, and discrepancies between what the customer expected and what your brand delivered.

NPS answers become valuable insight that your departments can use to fix the customer journey and offer the best possible experience to your customers.

4. Reduce the churn risk

Your customer support team plays an essential role in preventing customer churn and can become a profit center by offering personalized help and engaging with a customer-centric mindset.

Integrating Omniconvert Reveal with Gorgias will help you react to NPS feedback in real-time to newly submitted surveys and approach previews NPS answers that your teams couldn’t treat right away.

Power customers will always be your customer support’s top priority because you don’t afford to lose customers who bring a significant percentage of the total revenue and spend 60% more than your average customer. But it would help if you also reconnected with dormant customers that used to purchase frequently and show high potential before they forget about you and switch to another brand.

5. Achieve customer-centricity

eCommerce stores don’t compete on prices, products, or services but on offering the best customer experience. While you can’t control everything that impacts the customer experience, you can choose how your company responds to customer complaints, requests, and feedback. 

Using the combined power of Omniconvert Reveal and Gorgias helps you set the most effective framework for your customer support team and provides customer insight for the other departments that they can use to perfect experiences, product assortment, marketing efforts, etc.  

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What you need to know about Omniconvert Reveal integration with Gorgias

Before explaining how the integration between Omniconvert Reveal and Gorgias works, let’s look at what each platform has to offer to your business.

What is Omniconvert Reveal? 

Omniconvert Reveal is a customer data platform that uses RFM segmentation to help eCommerce stores like yours analyze and understand customer behavior. The platform enables you to acquire, retain and delight the right-fit customers while lowering acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value.

The NPS data helps you measure and monitor customer satisfaction pre and post-delivery. The net promoter scores help you predict future customer behavior and inform your customer support teams about how they should act to maintain healthy customer relationships.

What is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a customer support and live chat help desk solution created for eCommerce stores that want to manage customer support and service in one place. The platform works seamlessly across live chat, email, phone, contact us, Facebook, and Instagram, helping you save resources and generate a positive impact on customer experiences. 

With Gorgias, your customer support team will have centralized customer tickets from various channels and use templates, automation, rules, and macros that reduce response time and keep support levels high.

How do Omniconvert Reveal and Gorgias work together?

The customer data provided by Omniconvert Reveal through RFM segmentation and NPS surveys combined with the features of Gorgias allows you to set a framework for prioritizing customer support responses depending on the customer’s net promoter score, journey stage (pre-delivery or post-delivery), and RFM segment.

Setting your framework for customer support response prioritization 

The integration between Omniconvert Reveal and Gorgias helps you make a positive impact when offering support to detractors represented by active high-value customers, high potential customers, and at-risk customers.

If you are just starting with NPS analysis and RFM segmentation, you might find it challenging to design a framework that will help you keep customer support above expectations. You can always start by looking at our suggested framework or blueprint and then adapt it to your business model.

Download the full resolution here.

This is the data sent from Omniconvert Reveal to Gorgias that helps you personalize your approach:

  • NPS type” helps you differentiate pre-delivery NPS responses from post-delivery ones, making it easier to adapt your messages for online shopping experiences or customer experiences generated by your products and services;
  • NPS score” reveals the customer satisfaction level and helps you tailor the best approach to detractors, passives, or promoters;
  •  “Responded at” indicates the time when the customer submitted their NPS response;
  • RFM Group” shows you the RFM segment of the customer who submitted the NPS response, allowing you to evaluate the priority level;
  • Products ordered” includes all the items included in the order associated with the NPS response.

The other details included in the NPS-triggered ticket are:

  • Order ID
  • Customer ID
  • Customer email
  • Billing Phone
  • Shipping Phone
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address

All this information in NPS-related tickets makes it easier for customers support to identify the order, customer’s contact details, the value a customer brings to your business, and the level of satisfaction perceived while placing orders or using your products and services.

Omniconvert Reveal and Gorgias integration works for any eCommerce store that uses Omniconvert’s NPS feature, including stores build on Shopify, Magento, VTEX, and other custom eCommerce platforms. 

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Don’t let low customer satisfaction and lack of real-time customer support ruin the relationship with your customers and the big plans you’ve got for your business.

Try Omniconvert Reveal today and discover its integration with Gorgias!