Addressing in a personal way to customers and communicating the right message according to the funnel phase they belong can be a tough process for any marketer. But, knowing  what tactics to apply in every step of the customers’ journey on the website can make it a whole lot easier.

I’ve put together a top 4 of things you can test on the product page in order to make the visitors continue their way on to the cart page and become buyers.

1. Firstly, providing high-quality images on the product page it’s crucial. Not having the ability to touch the products and analyse them by hand, makes people have certain doubts and fears about the product quality. So, they want to see as much as they can about the product. Use large, clear and high-resolution images. Provide a zoom-in system to point out every detail your customers might be interested (fabrics, cuts, design, etc.)

For example, Radley London display a zoom in system, so that customers can see the fine cuts of the purses and have a better look in the inside, at the pokets:

fashion e-commerce online store

Besides the high-quality images, product video have great impact on audience. Asos displays a catwalk for every product they have, giving the customers the chance to see how the dress, shirt, etc, looks on a real person. Also, 360 degreee interactive images show the audience a good look on the product.

product page image gallery


2. Original product descriptions are yet another important tactic in the optimization of the product page.

Original product descriptions have two main benefits. Besides the SEO improvements it brings along, it also gives detailed information about products and it points out what makes the product special and different from the others. It this crowded market we live nowadays, it’s vital to differentiate from the competition and bring something new to your customers. In most cases, innovation is the key to succes in positioning as a top of mind brand.

For example, Howies presents a short story of the product. In 3 paragraphes, the customers find out how Louise, Garment Technologist at Howies, discovered a spectacular vintage duvets and how she spent more than 5 years to create the perfect winter jacket. This description shows that the company is particulary interested in providing original and high-quality products, giving customers more than a simple winter jacket.It adds a personal and human touch to your website that makes visitors trust your brand more and it shows that you are more than a cold website.

product page inspiration

In the florists area, assure your customers the flowers are fresh and that you deliver them exactly like in the pictures from the website. On you see a section called “Contents” that is displayed there with the sole purpose to drive away customers’ concerns regarding the quality of flowers.


a good product page


3. Recommendation system

In a previous article, I have high-lighted the importance of recommendation systems in conversion rate optimization. It works intuitively: based on the product the visitors is looking at, you display related products. Using cross-selling will increase chances that people buy more from your website.

In the fashion industry the “Wear is with” or “Complete the look” sections are very popular. All big fashion e-shops have this system:

a great product page example

Also, uses this system. Besides the bouchet of flowers, you can add a vase, chocolates or a cute teddy bear to create the perfect birthday gift.

Imagine it’s your girlfriends birthday and you have a very busy day at work. You can impress her by knowing her favourite flowers and, with a little help from the e-shop, add a box of chocolates for a special touch.

product page content

4. Insert count-downs. Time pressure makes people to act faster. When they are exposed to a limited offer, they are more willing to order because they do not want to lose that special price or voucher.

Here’s an example from Due to the fact that they will be changing the book storage all orders will be delivered in 7 days. To compensate this, all books are 50% off for a limited time. You can see the count-down on the right-side:
great product page uses limited offers is a very clever way: when you search for a hotel, after you have entered the time period you want to go on vacation, it tells you that there are “only 2 rooms left”. Seeing this message makes people react faster and reserve the room right now:


These are only the basic steps you can do in order to optimize the product page. Keep in mind to personalize all the tactics above and adapt them to your website. Besides the 5 suggestions, do not neglect the power of testimonials and reviews on the product pages. People like to relate to others and to know what others have experienced with the same product they want to buy. Also, a 5 star rating system can influence a visitors’ decision and action to buy or not to buy something.

Another useful tip you can test and apply on the product page is to have visible delivery information and returns policy. Display taxes, delivery prices and how someone can return the product in case it does not fit the promised quality standards.

Read more about how credibility indicators such as testimonials, reviwes and delivery information, can increase people’s trust in your brand and boost your conversion rate in a previous blog post.

Once you’ve optimized the product page, go on and design the cart page in a way you will make customers become buyers. In one of the last steps of the sales funnel, on the cart page, give customers the element of surprise, according to the principle “under promise, over deliver”. In a future article, I’ll put up another list of things you can do to improve the cart page on your online store. Stay tunned!