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Retrospective: 2014 In Review At Omniconvert

2014 was a great year for Omniconvert. We’ve managed to help more than 500 clients to grow their business, and that feels incredible. Also, our team got bigger, and we are not stopping here: we have expanded in Germany, Bulgaria and Poland.

When our clients are happy, we are happy. In 2014, we celebrated along with them the victory for high conversions. Have a look at a few accomplishments:

Provident decided to use surveys and ask visitors the loan type they needed. At the end of the survey, they were invited to leave their contact information. The exit-intent surveys with branching logic and lead capturing were a success:
+950 leads in one month;
​+25% more leads on the same traffic;
Ecco Shoes created an A/B test that compared the control page to a new version that communicated the 3 reasons to choose the online shop as displayed below:


The conversion rate increased by 27.14%, the revenue by 23,54% and revenue/visitor by 21.29%.

TinaR decided to display improved product descriptions for the selected items containing its main benefits. By adding the main benefits with green checkmarks, the conversion rate for sales increased by 44.97%.

Autonom launched an A/B Testing experiment on the homepage and showed important benefits offered by the company and a customer survey result with a link to the testimonial in the first screen of the homepage. Doing this, the conversion rate increased by 194.29%.

Watchshop designed a web personalization experiment. So, When a visitor had the intention to leave a product or a category from a specific brand, a pop-up with a price filter would be automatically triggered. Clicking on any red rectangle from the pop-up would lead to pages only with products that had the selected price range.


By adding the search filter by price range in a pop-up, the conversion rate increased by 74.51%.

In 2014, Omniconvert continuously developed new features and upgraded the existing ones with the sole purpose of providing our customers the easiest and the most efficient way to optimize the conversion rate of their online store.

As you probably know, Omniconvert has 3 main features for conversion rate optimization: surveys, A/B Testing and web personalization. Here’s a bit of what we improved on them in 2014:

You can download the survey’s results. Sometimes, it might be a difference between the respondents and the collected leads so you have to option to separate them. Also, you can see the results for a specific period. Select the time frame and analyze the conversion rate.

Display your survey in a new tab or page with Omniconvert. Just create, design your survey as usual and set it “Active”. Then, go to “List of surveys”, click on the small pictogram next to the survey name and get your custom URL.

Until now it was impossible to run experiments on dynamic shopping cart pages since they were only created if there was at least one product added in them. But with our new feature you will be able to create A/B tests on dynamic shopping carts.

You can launch a Survey and an A/B Testing experiment at the same time and on the same page. This feature has been proposed by our users. It is valuable when you make an important adjustment on a specific page and want also to get feedback from the visitors about it.

You can change the language of the app’s dashboard. So far, you can choose between English, Romanian and Polish. We are currently working to diversify the language range.

Display a survey within an A/B Test, when visitors click any element you select. First, you have to create the survey. Make sure you exclude all the pages involved. In this way, the survey will only be available on the A/B Test. Secondly, select the element you want to trigger the survey.

Allow multiple conversions per visitor session. This feature is very useful because if someone makes 3 orders in the same session, there will be 3 conversions registered. If not, only one conversion will be registered:

Use the referral system to extend your subscription plan with 14 days for every new, active user account referred by you. The trick with this referral system is that you don’t need to have a paid subscription plan to be part of it. It’s available for trial subscription plans as well. So, you can use the free trail for ever, if you have a new active user account every 14 days.

In 2014, Omniconvert spread its wings and crossed the border. Our CEO, Valentin Radu, attended several international conferences as a speaker. He had a presentation at dmexco, the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference in Cologne, Germany. He talked about Conversion Rate Optimization in front of more than 100 marketers and entrepreneurs. Also, Omniconvert had an expo stand at Webit, Istanbul.

One important achievement for Omniconvert is that we took 1st place at Webstock, a digital marketing conference based in Bucharest, section Utility. Also, in September we won the Eurocloud 2014 Romania award for the most innovative SaaS.

In July, we made an advertising campaign with WhichTestWon, the community of A/B Testing experts. That was the moment we got the final confirmation that we have a valid product: we suddenly had 100 new trials, great feedback and Justin Rondeau, their editor, actually started using Omniconvert for their company’s needs. A few months later, Justin Rondeau teamed up with us.

As I have mentioned before, we expanded our offices in Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. We teamed up with Loopa in Poland, in September, localized the product in the Polish language and got our first customers from Poland. Igor Czajkowski is the Country Manager in Poland.

We launched the German version of Omniconvert with the help of Netspirits. For our german users this translates into great support, an integrated solution at an affordable price while for us it means addressing one of the most important markets in Europe.

In November, we localized our product in Bulgaria with the help of WeKnowHow. Hristo Atanasov is the Country Manager here.

Now, let me present you the Omniconvert team from Bucharest:
Valentin Radu – CEO
Radu Vrabie – CMO
Ciprian Dragoi – CTO
Adriana Dobrescu – Sales Specialist
Alina Caciur – Business Development Manager
Ioana Lupec – Content Marketing Specialist
Elena Dobre – Content Marketing Manager
Dragos Dragusin – Conversion Rate Specialist

At the end of 2014, in December, we took a break and had some fun in the first official team building Omniconvert. We had a great time in Veliko Tarnovo, a beautiful city in Bulgaria. Here are some pictures to prove it!

On our way to the Veliko Tarnovo fortress church

Curious fellows

One happy team!

We hope you have a great 2015 and remember that the best is yet to come! Happy conversions!

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