We are approaching the toughest and most challenging quarter in eCommerce since… well, ever.

The pandemics have been double bladed on online shops by producing massive sales for some and leaving others out of business.

It’s the end of September and we are noticing a huge decrease in sales especially in the fashion industry and surprisingly, given the huge success they had back in April-July, grocery online shops.

Is it because everyone is waiting on Prime Day to purchase?

Is it because eCommerce owners have educated their customers to purchase only on discounts when Fall comes?

It is because the once fashion enthusiastic purchaser has changed during the pandemic and has different expectations from their online shopping experience? Most likely so.

Now that the majority of purchases happen online, some buyers might long for that meaningful experience they were encountering in offline shops, in shopping malls, etc. People are longing for connection more and more during this period and that is why shops that do not offer any type of personalized experience for their customers, be it post-purchase or during their consideration phase, are the ones that are taking the most hits during these times.

With many days of Holiday sales coming on fast forward: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day, Christmas, etc; our team at Reveal has been busy perfecting the way our users are looking at data and the way they can take immediate actions to personalize their customers’ journey, increase repeat purchases and ultimately increase their revenue.

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Without further ado, this is what’s new now on Reveal

 ADBT Distribution: Within the RFM points editing page, a new chart has been added, namely ADBT (average days between transactions) distribution. It helps set intervals for Recency. In a nutshell, you can adjust this distribution so that you can find out what are the chances for a customer to place the next order after X days have passed since their previous order.

Coupon as order_line: This update treats those cases that insert discounts as products with negative values ​​in the order so that we consider them discounts. Most likely, various third-party applications do so because Shopify does not allow setting a negative price per product.

Ignore Shopify Test Orders: This update ignores commands that have the test field set to true, so we only import those actual orders into Reveal, not the test commands.

Identify Gift Cards in Shopify line items: For greater data accuracy and correlation with the Shopify model, selling gift cards is not considered normal, but different. In Shopify, the sale of gift cards is treated differently, and is not added to the value of “Total Sales”.

Order Taxes: We have added a field for order taxes as in Shopify there is a difference between Gross sales and Total Revenue. This ensures higher data accuracy.

Order Discounts: Discounts are now being taken into consideration as well for providing more accurate data analysis.

RFM Tags sync: Now you can sync your RFM Segments through smart tagging back to your Shopify Dashboard.

Create Lookalike Audiences on your Social Media based on your RFM

Segments: By syncing your RFM segments to your Shopify Dashboard you can now use your RFM customer segments for creating and attracting lookalike audiences on your Social Media channels.

Bring in more Soulmates and VIP customers and avoid acquiring discount hunters and low-value sales.

And this is just the beginning. We are working harder than ever to improve even more the data accuracy and making it more actionable for all merchants using Reveal in order for them to transform their customer journey into a delightful experience for their buyers that will ultimately generate frequency in their purchases and more revenue.

Last but not least, some advice on Q4.

Everyone in eCommerce overspends on ads. It’s understandable.

But do not fall in the trap of confusing spending money on bringing in new customers with growth. Growth is when the customers you bring stay with you for longer periods of time and purchase from you frequently.

This quarter you will compete with thousands of eCommerces in your niche on paid ads because everyone is doing the same thing every year, always expecting different results.

This year, separate yourself from your competition.

Focus on Customer Lifetime Value and bringing back your existing customers that love your store and keep the lights on and food on the table.

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Your loyal customers matter.

In 2020, Customer Experience is King.