In such a competitive industry, customer-centric Shopify stores need top customer retention apps to achieve their goals and build strategies for long-term growth.

If you search for “customer retention” in the Shopify App Store, you will find over 1,500 solutions available. So how do you select the best apps without spending too much time researching?

To navigate more easily through this overwhelming number of Shopify apps alternatives, you have to define what you want to achieve with your next investment and make a list of criteria for choosing the next apps that will add to your ecosystem.

These are the most basic criteria for choosing an effective customer retention tool:

  • It is easy to understand and use by your team;
  • It helps you save valuable resources;
  • Has clear reporting systems that allow you to monitor and evaluate results;
  • Offers support for when you’re having problems or get stuck;
  • Has a fair price for what it has to offer;
  • The plans are scalable to your growth.

The apps we selected are perfect for leveraging your customer retention strategy, but their features help you go beyond retention-related goals, helping you cover the entire customer and journey with relevant experiences.


REVEAL is a customer data platform that helps you analyze customer behavior and understand how you can acquire better customers, retain existing customers in the long term, and delight all customers at every step of their journey.

The platform allows you to focus on all of these strategies while helping you maintain Customer Acquisition Cost as low as possible and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

This Shopify App is perfect for eCommerce businesses that aim to be customer-centric, and it becomes a unique source of truth about your customer base that can be used across departments.

The features of REVEAL are grouped into three big categories:

  1. Customer Analytics;
  2. Product Performance;
  3. Customer Experience.

Here are some of the top reasons why businesses chose REVEAL to improve customer centricity, optimize the growth strategy and generate better overall business results:

  • Automated RFM Segmentation;
  • Enhanced email marketing;
  • Lower ad spend;
  • Predictive data to anticipate next moves;
  • Identifying profit-maximizing opportunities;
  • Track what matters;
  • Customer experience optimization;
  • Product assortment optimization.

This customer data platform helps you use the power of your existing customers to identify your best and worst customers, use what you learn about your top customers to attract more like them, design experiences for building trust and improving customer retention rates, and monitor behavior so you can delight customers at every interaction and purchase.

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Klaviyo is an email marketing and SMS platform that helps eCommerce businesses of all sizes deliver amazing customer experiences.

The platform stores all the customer data in your Shopify store, helps you identify opportunities and audience segments, and allows you to build various experiments and personalized experiences for email and other owned channels.

Klaviyo’s features are grouped under three categories:

  1. “Listen” includes Integrations, forms and personalization, profiles;
  2. “Analyze” includes segmentation, data science, reporting, benchmarks;
  3. “Act” includes automation, social advertising, campaigns, SMS.

Here are some of the reasons why the platform is one of the most sought after in the eCommerce world:

  • Segmentation based on behavioral and transactional data;
  • Targeted and personalized messages;
  • Pre-built forms, templates, and automation templates;
  • Automations for welcome series and abandoned carts;
  • Dynamic forms and A/B testing for form copy;
  • Reporting to track the results of your email and SMS initiatives;
  • Building lookalike audiences for Facebook and Instagram ads.

With over 100 pre-built integrations that leverage usage of eCommerce data and multiple account options adapted to all company sizes, Klaviyo is used by over 50,000 stores worldwide that want to transform this customer communication channel into a source of sustainable profits.

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Repeat is a SaaS platform that enables consumer-packaged goods companies to transform first-time buyers into repeat customers through personalized reordering experiences via email, SMS, and QR codes.

The platform simplifies reordering everyday products for existing clients and keeps retention rates high for CPG brands with:

  • Automated replenishment reminders;
  • One-click reordering experiences;
  • New product discovery.

Repeat helps your store automate retention marketing with personalized email flows for replenishment triggered and one-click reordering capabilities.

The platform offers SMS replenishment notifications regarding the products that might run low soon for customers who don’t want to subscribe to your email messages.

The scan-to-reorder QR codes from Repeat allow customers to scan and reorder the products they purchased before in 15 seconds as the QR codes are linked to Repeat carts and can be reordered with just one click.

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Loyalty Lion

LoyaltyLion is a customer loyalty platform that helps eCommerce stores generate better engagement and customer retention rates.

The platform allows you to create better loyalty programs by understanding what motivates customers to engage with your brand and place repeat orders from your store.

The features of this loyalty platform are:

  • Points and rewards;
  • Premium features such as in-cart rewards, instant points, tiers;
  • Referrals;
  • Integrations;
  • Customization;
  • Customer communications;
  • Loyalty program analytics and insights.

LoyaltyLion integrates with multiple tools and technologies, and its features help you design and A/B test various tactics that form a custom loyalty program for each customer.

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Gorgias is a live chat help desk for eCommerce merchants that offers a unified view of all support tickets and increases the efficiency of customer support teams.

The customer support platform allows you to see all customer support history in the help desk app – email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram, contact us page. Thanks to templates, rules, macros, automation, support teams reduce ticket first response time.

The main reasons why stores chose Gorgias for their customer success teams are:

  • Customer Service on every CRM Channel
  • Improved customer support time
  • Automated responses for common tickets
  • Trigger Live chats on certain pages to generate conversions
  • Integration with other eCommerce platforms and customer retention apps

Gorgias is one of the best customer support platforms that will help you transform the customer support team into a source of profit, not just a department that solves customer complaints.

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Smile is a customer loyalty platform that helps eCommerce stores build engaging experiences and reward programs that generate business growth.

Over 50,000 Shopify brands use the loyalty data within the platform to boost email marketing and subscription tools.

The features of Smile allow stores to improve customer and user journey:

  • Motivate the customers to join a loyalty program;
  • Build VIP program that rewards best customers and keeps customer engagement levels high;
  • Encourage engaged customers to become brand ambassadors through referral programs.

With Smile, you can create custom interfaces with no coding skills needed to reflect your brand and catch the visitors’ and customers’ attention while browsing your store.  

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PostPilot is a postcard marketing platform that helps stores send personalized and profitable postcards to their customers automatically.

Stores that use PostPilot can generate one-off or triggered automated campaigns as part of their customer retention strategy, generating more sales, profits, increased engagement, and loyalty.

The platform allows you to design, send and measure the results of your physical postcards:

  • You have access to free templates, can create an original design, or demand professional design services;
  • You can add the customer’s name and other data for a personalized message;
  • The postcards are sent based on past purchases or behavior, similar to automated email flows;
  • The postcards get to your customers in 4 to 6 business days;
  • You can easily track discount codes and monitor ROI in the dashboard.

Physical postcards can be used to engage users and customers and prevent customer churn. It is a classic retention tactic that complements your email marketing efforts with low delivery costs when you want to reach your customer base.

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Cartloop is an SMS marketing and support platform that helps eCommerce businesses generate 1:1 conversations via SMS to prevent cart abandonment, convert and delight more customers.

Cartloop’s live experts help you actively listen to your visitors’ and customers’ requests or feedback, offering an in-depth understanding of what drives repeat purchases or why customers are churning.

Shopify stores chose Cartloop for features like:

  • Personalized SMS marketing;
  • Two-way SMS conversations;
  • Cart abandonment flows;
  • Eye-catching on-site popups;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Pre and post-purchase SMS support;
  • Unique discount codes and custom short links.

By combining SMS marketing with customer support features, businesses that use Cartloop generate better conversion rates for visitors and existing customers, reduce abandoned carts, retain more loyal customers, and increase customer lifetime value.

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Prehook: Quiz Funnels

Prehook is a platform that allows eCommerce brands to build interactive quizzes and use the answers to make personalized product recommendations.

The quiz flows are easy to build and implement based on your customer acquisition and retention strategy, it needs no coding skills, and the quizzes fit seamlessly on the site across all browsers and devices.

The main features of Prehook are:

  • Conditional logic rules that trigger relevant questions;
  • Personal quizzes with recalling previous answers;
  • Product recommendations based on quiz responses;
  • Add to cart and check out options within the quiz;
  • Email capturing to grow contact base.

Knowing what your customers want and look for, you’ll be able to create better offers, make better recommendations and create personalized messages that you can send across various channels to encourage customers to place a new order.

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Loop Returns

Loop Returns is a returns app that helps Shopify stores improve retention by encouraging product exchange instead of refund requests. The platform enables stores to generate better results by transforming the returns process into an experience as enjoyable as the shopping experience.

The creators of Loop Returns developed the platform around the idea that “customer experience is the final differentiator,” and customers are more likely to become promoters when they choose exchanges over refunds.

The features of Loop Returns are grouped under four categories:

  • Exchanges;
  • Automation;
  • Logistics;
  • Intelligence.

Stores that use Loop Returns create better customer experiences even when the customer didn’t order the right product, suggesting better versions or replacements for the products initially, therefore generating more satisfied customers.

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Wrap up

These are the top 10 apps that can help your Shopify store bring back customers and retain them in the long term, thanks to excellent experiences that generate loyalty.

We can’t tell which is the best mix of Shopify tools in this app category as each store’s needs and goals are unique, but we’re more than happy to listen to your story and show you what you can achieve when REVEAL becomes part of your tools ecosystem.

If you want to continue your research, we recommend you check out the following resources:

We hope you’ll find the best selection of apps to supercharge your customer retention strategy.