Weather segmentation seems to be an increasing trend in conversion rate optimization due to its power to convince visitors it is the right time to shop online. Weather based product suggestions will urge visitors to buy something new by reminding them the needs they have in a certain moment.

weather segmentation 

Weather conditions influence our mood and a certain type of weather will drive out actions in a specific and predictable way. We all felt this. Think about how productive you are on a sunny, warm spring day. When it’s cold and raining, we spend most of our time indoors, probably surfing the web, reading a book or drinking a hot tea. When it’s sunny, people tend to stay outside, go for a walk in the park, go jogging, staying away from tech devices such as laptops, computer, tablets and smartphones.

Therefore, analyzing the consumer’s behavior and connecting the dots, it’s more like for people to shop online when they stay indoors, on a bad weather day. So, the purchase behavior changes at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius and above 30. Gain powerful insights on how customers act on your eCommerce website and see the results for yourself. Drive up a research and data analysis process to learn how the average order value and conversion rate fluctuates depending on the weather outside. Once you do this, personalize the on-site content and segment the traffic according to each weather condition is relevant for your business.


When doing this keep in mind that nowadays consumers are aware of the general marketing techniques retailers use to attract them and persuade them to buy. Probably, most of them are full of information about the shop and just want to see something useful and relevant for their interest. Addressing in a personal way, based on different criteria (whatever is meaningful for your business: weather conditions from specific location, purchase history, etc.) will differentiate you from competitors and make you a top of mind brand. So, with a change of heart, customers will stop seeing you as a regular retailer and think that you care about their needs.

Weather driven actions may variate with the industry, and it is critical that brands and marketers have insights on how weather conditions affect conversion rate, average order value, product sales, as well as methods of purchase. Consider a weather segmentation strategy no matter the industry. Weather personalization works best for the following industries:

  • automotive
  • fashion/clothing
  • beauty and cosmetics
  • home and gardening
  • sports
  • beverages
  • pharma

Understanding the connection between purchase decisions and weather conditions will pay huge outcomes for a business. To make even easier for you, here are a few ideas you can use on an eCommerce website, from some of the categories mentioned above.

In fashion/clothing industry, you can easily use weather personalization. You can display a “complete look for the weather outside”: if it’s a sunny summer day show a girl wearing a colorful dress, sandals and a pair of sunglasses. In case it’s a rainy day, show customers a proper outfit for that type of weather and do not forget about the umbrella.

If you have a website in the automotive industry that sells tires you can transform a huge up-coming snow storm into a great opportunity. When a snow storm is about to hit a certain city or country, a tire selling website can automatically show a warning on their website and display a pop-up to remind drivers to equip their car with winter tires. It’s obvious that not all those who see this message will instantly purchase snow tires, but they most certainly remember the warning message and your brand.

For a beauty and cosmetics website, you can use weather segmentation to promote sun screen lotions. On a very hot summer day, when the UV radiation is above its normal rate, remind mothers to protect their kids with sun screen lotions. Also, you can put the water proof cosmetics on a pop-up and remind women they can use them when going to the pool.

To make the point for weather segmentation, I will show you a successful example with one of our clients from the home and garden industry.

Covera is an eCommerce website that sells Home & Garden products.


They wanted to increase sales on the category “Trees” using an overlay. The overlay’s role was to inform the website visitors about the weather conditions and how it affects the trees.

Even though December was a cold month, and it seemed impossible for our client to sell trees during this period, we identified an opportunity. We transformed a problem into an opportunity: selling trees to consumers who lived in regions where the weather was fine. Therefore, we created a live A/B testing experiment on their website.

weather segmentation

Segmentation criteria based on the weather conditions:

  • Temperature above 2 degrees Celsius
  • Weather condition is sunny

Results: The conversion rate increased by 117.86%.

So, are you interested in growing your eCommerce business? Check out Omniconvert and see how easy it is to use weather segmentation in your experiments!

In conclusion, using weather segmentation and personalized pieces of content based on weather conditions will generate more relevant user interaction and a deeper consumer connection.

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