Picture yourself standing in the bus station, knowing that the bus will come within 5 minutes. You know that because you’re seeing the schedule next to you.  But the 5 minutes pass by and the bus still hasn’t arrived.

You’re starting to become nervous. What will you do?

a. Start walking

b. Take a cab

c. Wait for another 5 minutes

Well, you have many alternatives to choose from. But on the internet things work differently.

Back in 2012, in an article concerning the impact of page speed over the consumer’s behavior, Steve Lohr pointed out that 400 milliseconds, the equivalent of an eye blink, is too much time for the consumer to wait.

On the internet, consumers take decisions within a second.

Consumers can tell if they like or dislike a new website within 7 seconds.

Therefore, the duration between clicking a link and displaying the content from the web page on the requested browser plays a vital role into determining whether a new visitor will stay on the website or leave it forever.

We reveal in this infographic stats concerning the page load time of the most successful retailers websites.

Across 6 countries, the average load time is 2.7 seconds.

Besides the most common tactics to improve the performance of an e-commerce website such as using progressives JPGs or reducing 3rd party scripts,  retailers use other optimization services such as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to remain competitive.

Though, Conversion Rate Optimization require using 3rd party scripts for each service.

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So, how do you increase the website’s performance without affecting the page load time?

More important, how do you increase sales with your e-commerce website without affecting the page load time?

Check the third part of the infographic below to find your answer:

Loadin Time Effect on Conversion Rate

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[Tweet “400 milliseconds, the equivalent of an eye blink, is too much time for the online consumer to wait.”]

[Tweet “One second delay in load time means a loss in conversions.”]

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