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The damage of over analyzing and the benefits of daring

Business decisions are hard to take and the online medium makes no exception. Even if we’re talking about an environment that offers many tracking and measuring options, it doesn’t mean that we can not fall into the trap of over analyzing. Nevertheless, just like in real life, sometimes it is better to act fast.

over analyzing

If you have an online shop or a presentation site and you want to make everything perfect from the beginning, there are many stages where you can get stuck. It could be the copywriting, the site structure and the organization of products, the design of the landing pages and what call to action to use. Each of these is very important and deserves a careful thinking.

However, while you over think everything you could miss big opportunities. The online shopping calendar is punctuated by events that are worth a promotion or two. On you have a calendar of important Online Shopping Dates that you should not miss. And remember that each of these events needs preparation: a selection of specific products, special prices, and adequate promotion.

Moreover, the success of a business depends on the ability of managers to respond rapidly to the ever-changing online trends.  For example, if you are still thinking about investing in a responsive design, well, mobile search and shopping have been on the rise since a few years ago, so you might have missed a great percent of customers.

You can’t always audit, analyze and search for new ideas. At some point, you have to start putting into practice some of those ideas. Here’s step by step plan for the development of an online business:

  • Just launch your website
  • Start tracking. It’s good to have data about the site from the beginning.
  • Set objectives. They can be traffic related, sales related, or brand related
  • Measure how your business is doing against those objectives at regular intervals.
  • Identify areas where the site is underperforming.
  • See what things you have to change on the website in order to accomplish those objectives.  You can aim to micro or macro-conversions.
  • Test, test, test. You can use A/B testing or multivariate testing. When put into practice, things are more easily to assess. Testing will help you consider all the positive or negative outcomes of a change or action.
  • Make things happen. Use the data you have gathered from tracking and from testing to take a decision.

And even if you make a bad decision, in online they are relatively easy to correct. Because on e-commerce sites tracking is made in real time, you can rapidly see if things are going well or not. If they are not so great, you can retest or go back to the previous version.

And if you still doubt about testing, remember that a person cannot always hold the definite answer to a problem. Sometimes your websites visitors hold the definite answer and only through segmentation, testing, and surveys you can find out what they want.


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