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The Power of Storytelling in e-Commerce

Selling products online is more demanding than selling them offline: the customer simply cannot touch the product. What can an e-marketer do in this case? He can take this weakness as an opportunity because he has the possibility to create an identity for the product, to give it life. Associating emotions with the items on your website may lead you to results that you wouldn’t even imagine.

A narrative description of the product on a webpage does really convince more people to buy it. This statement is confirmed by the “Significant Objects Project”, that was ran from July to November 2009. The project originators bought 100 garage sales objects for no more than $128.74. For each object, they’ve dedicated time to create a beautiful story for each object. After all of them had a story to tell, the owners decided it was the moment to resell all of them online. The result of this action was a $3,612.51 net revenue. Take for example the Rabbit Candle, bought for 3$ and sold $112.50.

Significant objects

The conclusion of this experiment is that narrative really transforms something insignificant into something significant and valuable. Just think of a man by whom you pass by on the street. Next day, you meet  the same man, but this time you have the opportunity to talk to him. He tells you a story about himself and suddenly your getting him. You may find common ideas to share with him and you’re really starting to like him. The same happens in the case of personalized descriptions of the products on e-commerce stores.

Standard descriptions are cold; moreover, if you can’t gather good reviews, likes, tweets, +1’s or any other social proof, you have no chance to sell it (that happens, of course, if we don’t talk about  famous brands or leaders on the  market).

The product’s description plays a huge role in e-cmmerce if you have no other choice to promote it. Use this chance to use your imagination and create a great story that adults will love, because adults are nothing but kids, in the end.

The power of storytelling is magical. Significant Objects Projects is a great example, but not the only one. Advertisers use stories in their ads either referring to fairies, monsters, kings or just simply invent a nice narrative script.

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